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Thanks @bramk for hunting us. Hi Everyone, I’m the Founder of Task Pigeon. I decided to launch Task Pigeon as I hadn’t found the task management application that was 100% right for me. Prior to doing this my user research highlighted that there isn’t a “one size fits all approach to task management”. As a result we have launched with our “task tile view” but have a long term vision of allowing you and your team to view tasks in what ever way feels most natural/productive to you. I.e. in a list, as a calendar, or on Kanban boards. In addition to this I am committed to building an open and transparent startup and blog about this at http://blog.taskpigeon.co So as a commitment to that transparency I am 100% open to answering any questions you have about Task Pigeon and why I’m working on this.
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Great stuff Paul & Shawn. I've been following your journey, keep it up 😻 & cool product 🐶
@iamwormify Thanks Luke I really appreciate it
@iamwormify Awesome! Thank you Luke!
Hi Paul & Shawn, This looks really great! Congratulations on coming this far. What's the benefit of using Task Pigeon over something like Trello specifically when working in teams?
@dean_mcpherson thanks Dean appreciate the support and love what you are doing over at Paperform. It all really comes back to providing flexibility. I am sure lots of us can relate to a situation where we were forced to use a tool by our company or manager and it just didn't work how we wanted it to. That reflects the long term vision of Task Pigeon - so people love the board view, but others want tiles, or lists, or a calendar view. Others only want to work from email. By combining all these idea you could have a large team with each member still having the flexibility to track and manage the tasks how they want to, not how their manager tells them to or makes them
@pvptowers That makes a lot of sense, so you're kind of trying to separate Task Management from the immediate UI. It would be great to see a slack app for this! Managing your tasks from a chat interface would be a natural extension of that vision.
@dean_mcpherson Thanks again Dean, love how you put it with separating the task management from the UI. I'm going to steal that as a quote as that is our vision in a nutshell. Love the idea re: slack apps and deeper integration with chat. Thanks again
Congrats on being hunted and compliments on the look and feel of the website. I currently don't see a Slack integration. With my team who has a hard time adapting to new apps, are you planning to build it?
@cyclia Yes, we are currently in the private beta phase with Zapier which will support integrations with Slack. We will build more direct integrations with core products based on user feedbackafter that thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.
What solution did you want TaskPigeon to provide that was not already available?
@dredurr Thanks for your message. I agree that it is a competitive space, but my release and the user testing I did before launch suggested that there isn't a one size fits all approach (yes I know some will probably disagree). The current design of task pigeon reflects how I like to manage tasks and has significantly improved my own productivity. The design also got some good feedback during our early testing. I blog about all of this openly on the site so you can read in more detail there if you like. The overarching vision however is that if you have a team or 5 or 10 people. Some on that team will prefer to view their tasks as a list, others will prefer a calendar views, some will rather just work from their email inbox and not the app. That is the vision of Task Pigeon that we are building. We just started with the "task tile" view to begin with. Hope that helps share some further insight.
@pvptowers @dredurr hey Paul, I echo Deandre's question - other than the view, is there anything which sets Task Pigeon apart functionally from other productivity apps out there? You mentioned your user research indicated 'no one size fits all approach'? It sounds like there might be something valuable underneath that, so would love to hear more. Also, I think Asana now has a multi-view ability? Is this any different? Or what about Unito which can synch across multiple platforms? Good luck!
@samrye_enspiral Hi Sam, really appreciate the comment and your support. I don't know if you saw the comment I just left for @dean_mcpherson below? but that essentially is my thoughts. In particular I like how dean sums it up where he says that we are trying to separate task management from the immediate UI. I.e. the allocation of tasks should be just as seamless online as it is in an office where you would just tell a colleague whats need to be done and they are free to go and plan, implement and manage that as they wish. I also blog fairly heavily about our journey and what led us to this point. If you wanted to know more you can find lots of those posts here http://blog.taskpigeon.co/
@pvptowers @dean_mcpherson ok cool, so following the trend towards multi-UI such as the way Trello has tight slack integration, a chrome extension, an API for desktop clients, etc? Makes sense. It's a busy space, so I'm hoping you also have something else to set you apart. Example: I was coaching a NZ startup a few years back which was exploring a gap in productivity apps. They found 2 main pieces which weren't touched on in (m)any other apps they could find: - habit formation (many tasks are repetitive and could be improved over time, or turned into workplace/team habits which take less cognitive load) - wellbeing of users (the GSD mantra of productivity apps was actually negatively affecting most users' wellbeing, so they explored micro mindfulness baked into the platform to counteract this)
@samrye_enspiral Thanks Sam. I will definitely take it all on board. I agree that there is more that needs to be done to hit on this objective. Thanks again for your support.