Task Nearby

Tailor-made, battery efficient location reminders using AI

Task Nearby provides you the super-power to stay tension free and yet be reminded of the task when you're around the location

What's different?

- Customize everything:Reminder distance, date, time, alarm tone, notification

- AI that auto-turns-off location to save battery

- Voice alerts

- GPS or Cellular networks

- Accurate and reliable


Would you recommend this product?
2 Reviews5.0/5
I love the fact that it's so simple to use. The interface is very intuitive. Initially I thought the battery was gonna be an issue but then it was not the case (at least for me). Good job. Looking forward to see this app well established and adopted by the masses.
@abelabbesnabi Glad you liked the app! Even we had this problem of location apps draining battery or not being reliable and wanted something that's best in both cases but didn't find it on the play store. Hence, we made this app.
It's common to forget tasks that we plan to do on our way! Task Nearby solves this problem by providing us location reminders. A lot of us need location reminders but the biggest reason we run away from them is battery drain. However, Task Nearby uses AI based algorithms to intelligently use only 1/5th of the battery as that of a normal location based app. How is it so efficient? The AI monitors the device motion (activity recognition) and stops (or adjusts) the location updates. Also, the Power Saver mode allows the user to use Cellular networks instead of GPS and yet provides reliable accuracy. We made it after trying a lot of location reminder apps and finding that either those weren't reliable or were battery draining. Finally, we made Task Nearby to be a perfect location reminder app! Please let us know what you think!
@vermayash8 eta for an iPhone app?
@sc0ttelliott As of now, we don't have any plans for the iPhone app. This was something we made for ourselves and thought to put it up on Google Play. We'll surely try developing the iPhone one asap, but unfortunately I don't have an ETA for that.