Task List

Personal task manager and to-do list app for iPhone and iPad

Task List is a personal Task manager and To-Do List App for iPhone and iPad that helps to be more productive.

Easily create and manage Your Tasks, To-Do Lists, Notes, Events in one App. Set reminders for Events and browse Tasks in Calendar. Use it offline and online and Sync between iPhone and iPad.

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Hey @adelmaer, Can you tell us more about what makes your task app different from others that are already out there?
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@jacqvon Hi, Sure, here are the main differences: Task List App for iPhone and iPad has clear nested Groups > Projects > Task Hierarchy. I think that any task can be presented in this form, for example : [Hobby > Guitar > Learn New song] or [Business > Marketing > Business Task] or [Activity > Gym > Workout Exercise] or [Shopping > Electronics > iPhone]). This nested structure allows avoiding the mess in Task Management. Users can reorder tasks, groups and projects with a long tap. Tasks, Groups and Projects can have various priority (High, Low, No priority). Every task has various fields that are available without entering the task screen. Tasks can be moved to another project. The user can set phone number, note, website, money, location for every task and reach it from the tasks screen. Another important feature of this Task Management app is the ability to create Events. Every event belongs to a task and task can have multiple events. Events allow making Daily planning more effective and fast. You create a task first, and after that, on the Events screen you just press "+" and select the task. Users can set the planned time for each event, run it and track how much time spent on each event. Also if the user presses an "eye" on the events screen he can see how much time is spent on all events for each day. On the tasks screen, people can see the time spent on the task too (this time is a sum up of the events time for this task). Also, users can run multiple events simultaneously. You can store common info in a Task note, and a day-related info in a note that belongs to an event. Users can share Tasks and Events (name and note info) with friends via social networks, email or SMS. Events can hold Notes and Tasks. The design is clear and simple, users can choose from a variety of colour themes. You don't need to log in to use Task List. If the user wants to sync via iCloud (between iPhone and iPad) he just needs to be logged in to iCloud on the device (no other actions needed). The developer has no access to user's data. Everything is stored on the device or in the user's private iCloud database. The app can be used while the user offline because the user's content stored on the device. In the future updates plan to implement more awesome features. Task List is easy in use and designed for iPhone and iPad users who want to be more productive daily.
Great product, nice job!
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Looks cool, but as most apps on PH, it's only available on iOS :(
@anna_0x Thanks, yes it is only for iPhone and iPad currently. It designed to work great on iOS devices. I respect Android users, but this app developed & designed from scratch by 1 person (iOS Developer) (myself) and I'm currently focused on the iOS ecosystem only to bring the best UI, UX experience there. No plans for the Android version in the nearest future, but a lot of plans for improvements and new features for iOS users.
@adelmaer Well, shame! Once I get an iPad (eventually, hopefully soon) I'll give it a try :)
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Another one! (DJ Khalid voice)