Task Guide was made to help teams organize & coordinate tasks that that require a human touch, in a way that can be blended into our existing automation. It's meant to provide visibility, structure and safety to our tasks like our code enjoys from automation.
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Looks good. Best of luck with it.
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@amnonjackson thank you appreciate it
Hello Everyone, My name is Rulian, and I'd like to share with you why I created Task Guide. I'm the lead engineer for a tech startup where things move pretty fast. Like most teams in our industry, we rely on automating our tasks as much as possible to both save time/money by reducing effort but more importantly, eliminating human error. Well, long story short I messed up big time. In the rush to get a build out, I forgot to take a small but critical step in our build process and as a result, we shipped the app pointing to the wrong environment. The problem wasn't just I made a mistake, but the mistake would take a whole new release and approval to fix which would cost our team precious time. What I took away from that incident was that in spite of all our automation, all of our processes still required many people in different teams to individually take correct steps before, during and after our automated processes. And most importantly, we all had used different methods to ensure steps were not missed. So I realized we had all this infrastructure in place to make sure the code went out without a mistake, but us people, we are on our own. So I set out to create a checklist app that I could share with my team. So we can all gain visibility into the various steps we must accomplish as a team. More importantly, we could share this checklist and handle our individual tasks while seeing all the components of our team work together. That's what Task Guide aims to provide, a way to capture your team's effort for the important tasks you must take together. With webhooks, you can also plug tasks guide into your existing CI to kick off different steps and blend together people's tasks with your automation. Sorry for the wordy intro, I'd love to hear what everyone's thoughts on the app or in general of the concept. I'll be happy to take your questions. Take care