Task API by Wise

A Stripe-like API to automate your human micro-tasks

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This product came from a pain point I faced first-hand while trying to use the Amazon MTurk API at YouTube. The API is outdated and it is a struggle to manage workers/work quality and integrate into our internal workflow. We built this to give companies a much easier and higher-quality option that also includes powerful reporting, analytics and metrics on their work. Task API is the first product we have released at Wise. We have a much bigger vision. We are building a platform that will allow operations teams to get tasks done as effectively as possible (through whichever combination of technology and human processes make sense). With all these labelled data points - we are able to train some of the best machine learning models over time. Some API endpoint are live (yes, you can play around with them!) while others are being defined. We hoped to share this early with the Product Hunt community to learn about what microtasks are most pressing and which API end points to expose first. Use promo code WELOVEPH for 100 free API calls.
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@henrythe9ths How is this different from Amazon Mechanical turk? Please tell me the UI is better/more performant/easier on the eyes.....
@datarade Good question. First - anyone who has used the MTurk API before knows how big of a problem it is. Outdated docs (WSDL), difficult to integrate, and a big concern with data quality (which means you need to have different workers do the same thing 2-3 times). We have solved these problem with the Task API. Even just using @readmeio for our documentation makes things much easier for developers. We are also able to provide much more accurate results based on the machine learning/image recognition/OCR technology we are using before and after passing the task on to qualified/trainer workers.
Congrats on launching @hussein_fazal and @henrythe9ths! We are already using the image moderation API at CrowdRiff. It took just a few minutes to integrate and it has allowed us to very easily clean up the images in our platform and has made a huge difference for our travel and tourism clients.
@dholowack Thanks! One of the reasons we are able to respond so fast to the ‘worst’ images is that we are running the first pass through some powerful image recognition software. Glad you are seeing success!
Quick question: What types of companies are you seeing the most demand from?
@mimurchison - I would put them into 4 buckets: 1 - Dating/Social Networking - looking for content moderation 2 - Expense/Couponing - looking for receipt transcription 3 - eCommerce - looking for a variety of data cleaning/categorization tasks 4 - Sales Teams - looking for lead data enrichment (i.e. find email based on name, company) The last one is quite a bit more complex. For now we are on-boarding the first 3.
Do you pay a fee on top of the MTurk fee?
@joshdance Joshua - we are actually not built on top of MTurk. We are using a combination of machine learning - and then our own trained hand-picked workers.
Good call on using readme.io for the documentation. Makes things so much easier! :)