Automate recurring cron jobs in minutes

Setting up cron jobs is annoying. We’re trying to make it super easy to write a one-off script, put it on a schedule, and start monitoring it right away!
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As developers, every now and then we come up with cool ideas of things to automate. There are lots of tools out there for managing recurring jobs, but many of them are either designed for more complex use cases (e.g. Airflow) or treat it as an afterthought (e.g. Heroku Scheduler). If I want to quickly hack together a one-off script and set it up to run on a schedule, it usually takes some Googling to remind myself how to do it properly. We built Taro to solve that problem! We would love to hear your feedback on what we have so far, as well as your experiences with cron/recurring jobs. We’re also quite interested in hearing what kind of integrations would be useful for a service like this. (We’re currently looking into things like analytics, error handling, alerting, and NoSQL storage.)
Update: we're also exploring creating an open source client to handle things like logging, alerting, and storage super easily (as long as you have an API key from us :)) Check out our scratchpad of potential TODOs: https://gist.github.com/reichert...
This looks very interesting and promising. Will I be able to do things like scrape tweets from specific Twitter accounts?
@qhameem we might add some scrapers for some of the common use cases eventually, but for now you would have to write your own scraper or request an API key from Twitter if you wanted to aggregate tweets :)
@alex_reichert This looks useful. Normally if I have to setup "easy" crons normally I use AWS Lambda, but this is fast and good for prototyping / proof of concepts.
Would really love it if it also supported Python!
@jim_zhou we definitely agree! We started off with Node because we wanted to take advantage of RunKit, but would love to support Python next.
Hm, I can't seem to find any pricing. What does it cost?
@tommy_jepsen still sorting out pricing, but for now it's free! (Will likely evolve into a "freemium" model)