Targeting Monkey

Create super personalized pages with pure HTML

Hey @erictwillis, thank you for hunting again! I decided to create this product after several requests from people using Tailor, who wanted to get a little more “personal” with their users. The product allows you to use geolocation information... in pure HTML. I think we came up with a pretty elegant solution that is perfect for static websites that want to add some personalized content. If you'd like to learn a bit more about the thought process and the stack I wrote an article yesterday about it, I look forward to answering all your questions!
PS: Promo code PRODUCTHUNT for 50% off for one year on all plans!
This is really nice. Simple to use and effective. How are you getting the location info?
@poehah IP address! We have multiple databases and cross check the location between them :)
@poehah I assume by IP.
This looks very interesting. Q: Is this hosted on your servers or could it be hosted anywhere? Am I right in saying there's no JS requirement?
@aaran_mcguire it is hosted on our servers (by AWS). No JavaScript is needed!
This is awesome! Simple & clean!
@nickcoates_ I'm glad you like it! We did our best to make it as clean as possible