Test your email designs across 30+ clients before you send'm

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Interesting service. Competitive pricing if you compare it to Litmus. I'm curious how well monthly subscriptions fit the average use case for users. Only when you send out newsletter very regularly, and go wild with changes in the templates for each newsletter, testing would be recurring business for me. Would be very interesting to see what a passive, recurring loop could be for e-mail testing services like this. We ran into the same challenges with @Usabilla's 'usability' testing service in the beginning (people test, get results, churn). The big break through in growth was a feedback button that, once embedded on a webpage, magically gives users insights and feedback, without extra effort. The moment you nail a passive loop (give me automatic results without extra efforts), you hit the sweet spot for (monthly) recurring accounts.
@pveugen @Usabilla Thanks a lot. Our main aim was to be competitive to provide a solution to everyone rather than to large businesses who can afford bulk pricing. Although $29/mo is very affordable, we are considering creating 'pay as you go' pricing where you only pay for what you use. Great insight you have there, I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.
@_jonobird pay as you go has its benefits to those who want to get setup once and don't have plans of changing it up much, like me. I'd be willing to pay a fair flat rate for fair usage of 1 test with X variations (for maybe a few weeks) until I know it's solid.
@noinput @_jonobird Great to know, if you sign up to now, we'll work on implementing a pay as you go plan over the next week or so and swing you an email when we release it :) Thanks for the feedback.
@bramk Thanks! Glad you like it.