Your complete ecommerce revenue generation product



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Adam Revetta@arrev · Founder, CollaborDate & ScareHunt
I read the headline "Your complete Ecommerce revenue generation product" and clicked through - have to say that I expected something very different than what you're offering. There's more to Ecommerce revenue than reviews, email, pop ups, and recommendations. I don't want to discount any of those 4 things because they are important and can definitely drive revenue, But it is somewhat misleading.
Krithika SiddharthHunter@krithika_siddharth · Product Marketing
@arrev Hey Adam, thanks for taking the time to review the website and giving your input. Even though the services we offer are reviews, email, pop ups, and recommendations, our model is used to reduce shopping cart abandonment, improve organic traffic through improved user generated content and improves product visibility through product recommendation. We will be building our solution section shortly. But we have helped reduced PPC spending of our customers as well as increased conversion by reducing shopping cart abandonment. This is why we claimed it this way. But, if more number of people feel its misleading, I will change it.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@krithika_siddharth Agree that "complete ecommerce solution" typically refers to a platform (say, Shopify, to name an obvious one) that minimally includes front end, back end, cart functionality, and payments integration. The services provided here sound like user-generated content production and distribution.
Krithika SiddharthHunter@krithika_siddharth · Product Marketing
@kkdub We not only provide user generated content, that is just one of our product. We have three other products 1) personalized email marketing solution design to improve customer retention. 2) Behavioral pop up to stop shopping cart abandonment and improved cart value 3) Product recommendation based on customer interest and navigation. We will also be adding more products which will further help in increasing eCommerce revenue.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@krithika_siddharth So sorry! I meant to say "like user generated content production and distro..." are marketing or site/cart optimization services. Just a genre characterization, not at all criticism of the product offering.
Krithika SiddharthHunter@krithika_siddharth · Product Marketing
@kkdub Hey, I was just explaining a bit more. No offence taken :) I am glad that you took the time to see what we do and comment about it. Thanks alot Kelly!