Target Your Competitor

Tweet your product to all the followers of your competitor.

#4 Product of the DayMay 18, 2018

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Pretty sure this would break the Twitter automation policy regarding duplicate content. Any info on that???
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@danielkempe Not yet, this is seen as a little hack for time being, like all growth tactics, nothing will last forever :) I'll explore more on the twitter policies.
@cod3boy Yes, automating duplicate is a big one now, so I would suggest this is a surefire way to lose your account... Plus not all growth tactics are spammy! ;-)
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@danielkempe :) We are using test accounts for now, and whenever I feel like its spammy, I try to refresh my mind and think of it as targeted cold mailing for twitter ;-)
@cod3boy Don't do that either so good luck!
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This is super clever but it's spam. I've seen people do this on Twitter and can't imagine it's effective.
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@rrhoover Agree about being spammy, but its better when we tweet and ask nicely. I'll see in detail after more campaigns going out :)
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Hello Product Hunters! 👋 This is an accidental product when I was working on my other product. I was tinkering on how to find my first set of customers and it hit me to target the followers of my competitor. They would be my highest prospective customers. Thus! Now after successful internal usage we are releasing this to help other makers kickstart your product! We send a personalised tweet to all the followers of your competitor on twitter and ask them to checkout the product. Just let us know the twitter account of your competitor and the tweet you want to send to their followers. Sit back and relax while we tweet to all of their followers. Depending on the number of followers, it might take a little longer, but we will consistently deliver the tweets, however long it takes. We have a very transparent pricing of $10 per 1000 followers of your competitor.
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@cod3boy I think I would be concerned about appearing spammy... do you have data on how this converts into sales etc?
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@abadesi Not yet, I am also concerned about being spammy, but I thought of this like a version of cold emailing but more targeted. Just a little hack to get users :)
@cod3boy @abadesi I think this is as spammy as email marketing software using curated email lists readily available, for a price of-course... To me, its extension of email marketing why not...very good Sanjay..I would like to see results as they unfold...
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@cod3boy cool, I'm sure it has its uses. Can you explain what you mean by "successful internal usage"? Did you measure any clicks, conversions, etc? Not that anybody gets clicks from Twitter....
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As a customer, this would be a surefire way to make sure I never buy a product from your company. This isn't how you win my trust or give me confidence that you will do the right thing in the future. Just my $.02
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@_rlntlss Well, that's really unfortunate my friend :) However, I'd still try to make it right and see how I can win you as a customer, because I don't intend to do anything ethically wrong, I see this as a small little hack that helped me, and something that could help other makers too., hence posted here. If you are speaking about my whole company, It took me a while to get here, and I would strive to be the best. 2010 — I lost about 80% of hearing. 2011 — Rejected for jobs because I can’t get on client calls. 2012 — Got a job paying $120 a month to learn and do a development job. 2013–2015 — more learning, job, startup. 2016 — Job offer for $120,000 which was rejected and went on to build my own company. I got a full scholarship at Draper University, met some of the best minds in the world and that’s how I went on to build my company in Silicon Valley. In between I reached over 1.7 million people on StackOverflow, wrote a Facebook app while learning which was used by thousands of users every month, developed and shipped over a dozen mobile apps, Invited by Google to attend their largest developer conference Google IO as their guest, built a developer community in my city from scratch to over 1000 people working with Google, wrote a resource ebook read by thousands of people every month globally, and most recently met the honourable President of India as invited for the Festival of Innovation 2017. This isn't our primary product, I just thought I'd share with the community thinking it would help someone else too and learn more in the process, together :) My $.02 for the community.
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@_rlntlss @cod3boy Great story Sanjay. We need more people like you in San Diego!
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@cod3boy That's great Sanjay, it's nice to hear you're following your dreams. I still think building products and ultimately using your skills to do good and not waste consumers time, energy, attention is the way to go. If this was just a fun little side project/experiment. I wouldn't be commenting. But its ultimately spamming customers and charging for the service.
@_rlntlss @davidjlowe Cheers! I just saw about Qwerky, sound like a cool concept. We might be collaborate sometime with
@_rlntlss @cod3boy I agree. Obvious partnership opportunity there. Please email me at to discuss
The only issue I have with this is getting my account deleted by Twitter. With their new rules, they are not playing.
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@digitalmcoach Hey - we are tweeting from our own handle!