Target Hive

Rent a hive of your target audience - test your site

Rent a hive of your target audience to swarm your website and test it. Get your results in google docs.
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Seems like a great concept, being able to get direct feedback from your target audience. But it's very unclear what to do from the landing page. Maybe you should add some proper explanation there of what's going on. I just clicked on a link and had no idea what to do.
How does this currently have 35 upvotes? There are no directions on the site...
@parag_r Hi Michael, we have some directions when you click on "add your own page" and "join hive" but I've just added an about page too.
I am going to try this.
I am using it.
Great concept, but agree with some of the other comments regarding user experience and making it more clear on 'how to use' on the landing page. Best of luck!
@steve_jackson1 Thank you Steve! I'm thinking about adding a small illustration with three steps like "define your audience" -> "define tasks" -> "get results"
@jan55477796 sounds like a good approach. keep it simple.