All project details. One place.

Tapwater is home for your projects.

1. Create freeform posts of milestones, deliverables, meeting notes, etc.

2. Clients and stakeholders get emailed every time you post, and can respond without ever making an account.

3. Your whole team and the client have a 50k foot view of the project at all times.

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Probably the most unique landing page I have seen for a product launch in a while. Beautiful job
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We can answer any questions y'all have :)
@wind_up_toy This looks like a really slick product. One of the biggest complaints I've heard from freelancers and small creative studios is that the process of onboarding clients onto a handful of tools is really painful, so the fact that clients can engage without needing to create an account is big. I'm curious: in a competitive space with big players like Asana and Basecamp, who would you say Tapwater is ideal for right now? Who are you seeing that the flexible and lightweight nature of the product is best for?
@mwil20 Thanks Mike. The necessity of clients being able to use Tapwater without signing up for an account came about from years of painful experience working with clients. Our goal is to make Tapwater the perfect solution for freelancers and small teams (e.g. teams without layers of management). Basecamp can be a little bit too expensive for some freelancers. Both Basecamp and Asana can be overwhelming. They try to shove too many apps together with too much data: priorities, checklists, message boards, task dependencies, calendars, subtasks, assignments, the list goes on. Using something like Basecamp or Asana can feel like you spent tons of time managing and very little time doing your actual work (can be a problem for those of us with UI OCD, ensuring every field is filled out). Don't get me wrong, checklists can be very good for staying organized (and we're working hard to design the right solutions for some of these things in Tapwater), but at the end of the day getting the work done is more important than meticulously assigning your subtasks and laying out Gantt charts. We're making Tapwater for people who want to get work done.
@wind_up_toy sounds good. I really like the simplicity and it gives small teams a lot of flexibility. One piece of feedback is that some people really do like checklists. If users could create a list of checkboxes (like the Mac native notes app does for example), I could see that drastically extending the functionality. Example: If I'm creating a post for "Client provides design preferences", which requires they complete 3 separate typeforms, it would be nice to be able to check things off within that post. If I'm using Tapwater as my single source of truth for a project, it's good to be able to see what's been done/not done. I also think the ability to duplicate a timeline would be really great.
@mwil20 We definitely agree about checklists and it's on our immediate roadmap. We don't want to just slap it in there and we're working hard to find the most productive and thoughtful way that Tapwater can help you manage the future.
@wind_up_toy Good to know! Also, I'm just realizing that you're the maker of Slimvoice! We're big fans of that product. Where can I email you? Would love to talk shop.
@mwil20 Sent you a message on Twitter.

Given its different approach to project management, it might take a bit before you get the best out of it (especially if you come from Basecamp et similia). Once you get how it works, it is just natural adding milestone/things to remember about each project.


No frills there to distract you from what matter most, have a clear overview of the project. Perfect for handovers.


Haven't found any yet.

Absolutely amazing website! Congrats guys!