Tap. Learn. Repeat. 450+ free Japanese words and phrases



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Michele AngeloroMaker@micheleangeloro · Interactive Art Director
Hi there I just released this simple iOS app called Taptaro. It's an audio phrasebook consisting in more than 450 useful English words and phrases translated and recorded by native Japanese speakers. If you have planned a trip to Japan or just started learning Japanese, then you might find Taptaro quite handy : ) It's free, no in-app purchases and I plan to add new entries and features in the next months. Features: - Tap to play the audio recording - Long press to play the audio at a slower speed - Tap to reveal the Japanese translation and transliteration - Show/Hide Japanese translation and transliteration - Record and listen to your own voice - Delete all recordings - Search in English and Japanese - Favourite lists - Send feedback It's a simple one, but I do hope it will help you communicate better and learn more about the Japanese culture. Cheers!
Philip Kuklis@philipkuklis · Co-Founder, Hubble
Awesome! How did you come up with the idea @micheleangeloro?
Michele AngeloroMaker@micheleangeloro · Interactive Art Director
@philipkuklis thanks! I find most of the phrasebooks on the store too "heavy" as they either feature unnecessary options or require too many taps to get the translation. Taptaro is a no-frills tap-and-go tool that provides quick answers—that's what in my opinion students and travelers really need. Hope this answers your question!
Pierre-Marie Galite@tsunaze · mobile developer & advice giver
I needed it 3 weeks ago haha. It looks really good :)
Al Poolman@alpooly · Product @ Shazam
I haven't got to the app yet, but nice work on the website!
Michele AngeloroMaker@micheleangeloro · Interactive Art Director
@alpooly thanks! Hope you'll like the app too
Leo Kangin@levkangin · Host @ CryptoFundingSummit.com
Nice landing page
Michele AngeloroMaker@micheleangeloro · Interactive Art Director
@levkangin appreciated!