Discover your next adventure based on your budget

TapTapTravel is a budget-based destination finder, simply enter how much you want to spend and the app will show you exciting places you could visit.

Jordi Mon Companys
Alex Dolara
Rober González
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  • Jordi Mon Companys
    Jordi Mon CompanysPM | Product Hunt Madrid

    Money saving, trip discovery will always have my thumbs up


    Only iOS 😐

    So far so good. Let's see if they validate it.

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Manu Gamero
Manu GameroMaker@manugamero · Product Designer
Hey there Product Hunters! TapTapTravel is an app that fulfills the dream of many of us: discover trips to exotic places with the best deals. When David told me the idea of ​​a "Tinder for flights" I joined immediately and we started working on the concept. The process was fast, and despite our professional circumstances, we designed and programmed the app in just a few weeks. We have made TapTapTravel free for all of you in order to see if it is feasible to go one step further and create a complete shopping experience within the app. So, if you want to support our idea, simply download the app for free, find your next adventure and tell us your experience :) Also, feel free to ask if you have any questions, we'll be happy to reply. Cheers! The TapTapTravel Team @manugamero & @davidlcarrascal
Sneha Sharma
Sneha Sharma@sneehaatweets · Marketing & Product Evangelist @TUBBR
@manugamero Great tool for backpackers like me!
Manu Gamero
Manu GameroMaker@manugamero · Product Designer
@sneehaatweets you're not the only backpacker in the room! Glad you liked it, let us know if you have any feedback :)
Lisa Schelch
Lisa Schelch@lisaschelch · UX/UI Designer
Looks cool. :) How do you calculate the price?
Manu Gamero
Manu GameroMaker@manugamero · Product Designer
Hey @lisaschelch, appreciate that! We use Skyscanner's API, and you can filter the results to find the trip that you want
ElFitz@elfitz_ · Rocking the 🌍, one step at a time
@lisaschelch @manugamero How did you get Skyscanner to give you access to their API ? They won't even reply to me 😒
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Hey guys, cool concept, I went on your homepage to find more but it was pretty sparse. How does the intelligent recommendation system work once a user enters their trip budget? ✈️
Manu Gamero
Manu GameroMaker@manugamero · Product Designer
Hi @abadesi, thanks for your comment! The way it works is quite simple: users can set their airport, budget, departure date and trip duration. With that data we filter the results and deliver a list that fit their criteria.
Jeff Osborn
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
Really like the concept! Would love Android and more info on the landing page. Without the explanation and discussion here I wouldn't be interested enough to DL based on the landing page info. Too many other options. Looking forward to seeing where you guys take this!
Manu Gamero
Manu GameroMaker@manugamero · Product Designer
@jeff_osborn thanks for your feedback Jeff! We'll definitely add more info to the landing page, and probably an email field for those interested in product news (including a future Android version)
Jordi Mon Companys
Jordi Mon Companys@mordodemaru · PM | Product Hunt Madrid
Looks great! I'm aware that it's a side project so far but ping me if an Android version comes along.
Manu Gamero
Manu GameroMaker@manugamero · Product Designer
@mordodemaru exactly. Still, we'll see how this iOS version works. We're currently working on the 1.1 and looking for an Android engineer that can join us. I'll keep you posted ;)