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Onno Faber — CEO, Taptalk
Thanks @rrhoover! We want to create a way for mobile communication to be more real and fun, opposed to the 'editorial zeitgeist' we live in right now.
With Taptalk you can spontaneously share a moment 1:1 without getting out of it.
Our beta users love the authenticity of the messages they receive from their friends, something you 'feel' when you receive them. That's what we love and why we are building this!
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I've had the pleasure of playing with a beta of Taptalk (I know, product hipster) for the past few weeks after meeting Berlin-based CEO/founder, @ogtfaber. The team was previously working on Ding Dong, a location-based messaging app.

I'm super impressed with the UX and speed of communication. Each message is one-to-one, unlike Snapchat and other communication apps that allow you to send the same post to several people at once. This makes each message more personal and arguably more value because you know it's just for you. I like the direction Onno and team are heading.
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