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TapTag lets you take photos and leave them for your friends to find. I like the idea of visiting a place and being able to experience what other people experienced, like if they saw a beautiful sunset or just had a great day :)
@riaface As someone who loves geotagging, I appreciate this :)
Seems like a really cool idea. The challenge may be that the aha-moment is when you find someone else's TapTag and that requires an incredible amount of users.
@tribaling it is a challenge we have to solve. At the moment we're looking at delivering as much of that ah-ha as we can through the onboarding experience and friends' activity. But we're testing a lot of ideas to solve it.
This certainly looks interesting. Users could even gamify it, similar to the Nethernet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Th...) where players left items on web pages for other players.
@sikkdays while we're not planning on gamifying the experience for everyone we'd love to see users do it themselves. We're actually having a small contest soon.
I love that this is coming back. I've been excited for something like this to take off after Color pivotted away from this. (http://www.zdnet.com/article/col...)
@gregbarbosa hey Greg glad you like it! We're definitely closer to Color's original vision. Our long term vision is to create a virtual record of what people do at the places their visit so they can be relived. We like to say we're building a time machine minus the DeLorean.
@keenencharles I love this idea, and can't wait to start using it. Signed up for the beta already. I have a few trips planned to cities I visit semi-often and this would be great to see again on following visits.
@gregbarbosa awesome! We'll let you know as soon as you can try it!
Hello Hunters, just wanted to share a little more about TapTag with the community. We built it as an easy way to experience what other people did nearby. We believe there's a lot more to a place than the businesses or common attractions people visit. What makes wherever I've been special has been the memories I made there. We're about sharing a great spot to catch the sunset or a beautiful view you found (like this one http://www.taptagit.com/p/wm4qIq... ). So hope you give it a try! It's early days still but that's our vision. We're on Android only at the moment but iOS is in the works and we'll be launching a beta soon. Let us know what you think and ANY feedback you have!