Get anything from 40+ on-demand services, in a few taps.

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Hey everyone ! Apurv - CEO of Tapster here. After week long sprints of all-nighters, sweat and coffee building products, we realized that on-demand services are great to get anything you need, especially when you are focused on something important. Getting mundane tasks done is just awesome. But with hundreds of different on-demand apps, switching and keeping up with the new menus is awful. So, we decided to weave these services together. Tapster is also great for the “long tail of on-demand services” where you might use the service once in a month, downloading and discovery is not convenient. App surfaces relevant services with contextual intelligence and a proprietary habits engine. The services are converted into cards that shuffle based on time and place. Cornell researchers found that people make around 227 decisions about food alone every day. “Food alone, Carl!” This constant need to make decisions and switching between apps leads to decision fatigue and choice anxiety. With Tapster, we are rethinking how people access services around their habits and bringing everything to one place. In the next version of the app, users can order with one-tap and pay directly through Tapster. Let us know what you think !
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Great job Apurv and team! Here is a feedback recording for you: https://lookback.io/watch/ugecx4...
@mailihammargren Thanks Mai-Li ! We need to fully get onboard with Lookback
Tapster is the first app to bring together 40+ on-demand services (food, transport, nightlife, massage, laundry, essentials & more). Launching in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Instantly find all the on-demand services in one place. The services appear at the right time and right place in the form of cards. Tapster alerts you about everything that matters to you like your personal concierge. Find and order anything instantly from all your favorite on-demand services. In the morning, Tapster alerts you with the morning news. In the afternoon, find all the meals available across all food delivery services in one single menu card. As you walk around the train station, you can find the nearest workspace to quickly reserve or bike to rent out for the day. In the evening, find out the hottest parties in town and reserve your table ahead of everyone. Since there are tons of different “single purpose” on­ demand apps out there, it was about time someone organized them.
What an awesome idea! The app is beautiful as well. Well done guys!
@spencer414 Thanks Spencer!
Great idea. Awesome Panda.
@kristofertm Thanks Kris ! Its designed by @maxprodaniuk. Btw, just saw you guys built the Plowz app :)
@apurvmishra Yes sir! Mowz has been crushing it this summer
@kristofertm Would love to connect with Mowz founder, if you could make an intro :)
@apurvmishra @kristofertm Got the email. Thanks for the intro !