One-tap moment-sharing

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Thanks @rrhoover! The team has worked hard on this release, biggest new feature is the ability to save taps (which is great for your personal and more intimate connections). Would love to hear everyone's feedback!
@ogtfaber the new version looks great! I'm glad to see TapTalk evolve into this.
I used to be a big fan of Taptalk, but didn't use it that much, so I get the fact that you try to move the product to a new space. However, what's the reasoning behind the name and style change? I loved both the name and style of the previous app. It's design was, in my opinion, one of the most timeless app designs I've ever seen: Really clean, didn't follow any trend. I used it as an example for great app design a lot and I'm really said to see it go.
@samuelbeek Thanks for your comments Samuel!
Taptalk is one of my favorite photo/video-sharing apps from a few years ago (cc @shl!). Awesome to see @ogtfaber and team relaunch as Tapstack. TC's @mikebutcher described it as "Snapchat for grown-ups" although I honestly think Snapchat is (or will) ultimately be that. Excited to play with it today.
@rrhoover still don't quite get this. Maybe it's easier to send a chat than SC, but the difference is too slight.
Congratulations Onno, I just saw the update and for a moment thought—what is this cool new app and how is it on my phone already? Good work, love the update!
Awesome! HUGE TapTalk fan, probably the chat app I use most after WhatsApp. Love the new "Save taps" feature! Why the rebranding to Tapstack?
@lehrjulian Thanks Julian! We think of stacks as our personal way to consume content, in our case "shared moments". Sharing moments is a way to communicate, but it's not a replacement for a back-and-forth messenger app like WhatsApp - it lives alongside in a space between social media and messaging. Today is a new beginning for this product, please be in touch as we move forward!