A beautifully simple puzzle game with a unique concept

Taps is a beautifully simple puzzle game to keep you tapping for hours!

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Hello everyone, I'm Russ. Let me set the scene... Some 27 years ago I got my first ever computer - a sparkly Commodore 64. This made me a geek. All my friends were buying Sega's. I'd like to say that it was because I wanted to write games there and then. In reality, Father Christmas chose at random. But I should thank him. I spent many more hours that Christmas day asking my auntie to write lines of code. In the end, a blue hot air balloon type of image traversed the screen for a couple of seconds. My auntie's frustration was evident. But i was blown away and it changed my life forever. I spent the rest of my childhood coding the "next big hit". It had become my dream. The Commodore 64 became the Amiga 1200, which then became a PC. Endless football/soccer management simulations were written but alas, the app store did not exist. Then life happened. But now, we have the App Store and the Play Store. The child in me has been reborn. No, that's too deep. Nevertheless, you can imagine my excitement. And so, after various other attempts, I bring you my third proudest achievement at the age of 33. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the last puzzle game you will ever need. Perhaps. From the child within, let me express my sincere gratitude for even considering playing my game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you. Very kind regards, Russ King PS. First proudest was the birth of my daughter Abirose. Second proudest was getting married and gaining both a wife and daughter, Jo and Beth. Thank you girls.
@kinorouk I can relate to your story so much :) i'll give it a shot, i like this type of puzzles
@sapragus Thanks Rami, very kind. Hope you enjoy the game :) Which bit of my story resonated with you in particular?
@kinorouk Hi, Congrats on your launch. I would like to receive a promo code to play Taps. Thanks a lot :)
@angeliqueangiea ut would be my pleasure :)
@kinorouk the childhood part in which you were more interested in making the games rather than playing them. I’ve always been curious about how things works and I’ve done the same, had an older cousin who was studying computer science. I remember spending nights just watching him code on his PowerBook and asking a load of questions 😅
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i would give it a try
@thenosh Thanks Mr Arbab :)
I would love to try this out! The concept is great :)
@nuriaquerob Thank you Nuria, promo code on its way if you like?
i'll bite. look interesting :)
@starmill Thank you kindly, let me know how you get on :)
Feel free to ask me any questions, always happy to have a chat :)