Stylish straps for your new Apple AirPods



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Jason DainterHunter@jasondainter · International doer of things
You probably have seen a lot of discussions about Apples new AirPods circulating, one issue raised is that they might fall out of your ear or that you put them away in some place you forget about. Tapper, the world's first fashionable AirPod strap, helps you solve that problem. The Tapper team, stationed in Stockholm, Sweden have designed a functional premium strap that you attach to your AirPods and then let them hang around your neck. The Tapper team went live with a campaign on Indiegogo in order to get the production started. @kasperskov maybe you could tell us more about the pain point you are solving here with Tapper?
Kasper SkovMaker@kasperskov
@jasondainter Thanks for featuring Tapper and comment! Lately there's been happening a lot of interesting things within the headphone product category - I bought the new B&O H5 but had to return them because the way they connect to my devices is a pain. I believe Apple may have solved this with their new W1 chip that's built into the AirPods, but it seems like they took it too far by removing the strap completely. Tapper wants to address this problem in an elegant and functional way so you can enjoy the AirPods without having to worry about dropping or loosing them.
Johan@bob6664569 · CEO, Squareshop.io
One thing that would be very helpful, is that these straps could be connected to the iPhone and recharge simultaneously the airPods, it would be so perfect!
Kasper SkovMaker@kasperskov
@bob6664569 Absolutely a great idea. Once the AirPods are released we can have a closer look at the charging mechanics, but we didn't want to include it in version 1 in case we're not able to deliver.
Jason DainterHunter@jasondainter · International doer of things
@bob6664569 wouldnt your iphone battery go flat then?
Kasper SkovMaker@kasperskov
@jasondainter @bob6664569 Haha - Depends on how much battery the AirPods are consuming. We will take a closer look once the AirPods are out.