Tapp That App

Discover and share the apps your friends love.

We're passionate about finding great apps, but we know it can be difficult. So we've set out to solve the problem of mobile app discovery by combining social networks with app marketplaces. By doing so we allow users to satisfy their curiosity and developers to take part in one of the most powerful purchase motivators around: word of mouth.

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yeah, this gets a vote just for the name + concept brilliance. will be on the lookout for iOS version.
@tonycarreon wow! Thanks Tony. We'll def keep you posted on our progress with iOS.
This looks pretty cool! Shame its not on iOS...yet! What's the timeline 😬
@bentossell thanks Ben! We thought we'd launch on Google Play first since it's the wild west of apps and there is less red tape around guidelines. Next on the docket is iOS and also FB/Google signin. Great things coming. This is just v1.
Upvoted just for the name ;)
@wuss I'd Tapp That #TappThatApp
Tapp That App allows you to see the favorite apps of people you follow on Twitter. From family and friends to professionals and celebrities, you'll be able to see which apps they love most. But more importantly, you'll be able to share the apps that you love with your followers and the world. Beyond star ratings, Tapp That App lets you find the apps that matter to the people who matter to you. Let us know what you guys think. And for those of you going to SXSW, see you there!
Any plan to launch the same for iphone?
@evivz yes, hopefully in our next major release. Sign up and stay tuned.