Taplink helps entrepreneurs to create a high-converting landing page on Instagram for 20 minutes. Taplink has numerous features to drive your sales. You can put whatever you want: text, links, images, messaging apps, banners, inquiry and application forms.
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Hey ProductHunt, hope you’re all doing well! I’m Konstantin, creator of Taplink. Nice to e-meet you :) After years of running a marketing agency and a thousand hours spent on promoting different businesses on Instagram, I realized that almost all entrepreneurs face the challenge of limited Instagram BIO. A few lines and one link is not enough to tell the world about your business. I got an idea to create a functional and simple tool that will help entrepreneurs to create a full-fledged landing page for their business on Instagram. Initially, I created this kind of landing page for my agency and it turned out to be extremely convenient! I realized that it may be useful for other entrepreneurs around the world struggling to increase sales on Instagram and I wanted to make their lives easier. At the beginning, there were some multilink services that provided users with only one 1 option – to put all of your links in one place, and that is it. Obviously, it will never increase the conversion and engagement rate since it doesn’t provide full information about your business, let alone it doesn’t have any CTA elements to attract customers. That’s why I decided to create something that really works for business and that’s how Taplink came into the world. The philosophy of Taplink is: 1) To be simple. It must be accessible for everyone, from beginners to professionals. We constantly monitor the time that users spend on creating a page, and it’s on average 15-20 minutes. 2) To be effective for business. We included a large number of marketing features to make a high-converting landing page, not just a list of links. 3) To be cheap. Our service must be affordable for people of all incomes. I would love to hear your thoughts about Taplink and how we can improve it. BTW, there are 2 unique promocodes only for PH! producthunt7days – FREE business plan for 7 days producthunt30 – 30% discount for all plans Thank you!
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@blacknot Hi Kostantin, are the codes still working? Just tried the second one and it's not valid anymore. thanks
@al_pes Hey, make sure you copied it correctly. We've just tried, it's working.
@blacknot Congratulations for Taplink. This looks like a really useful product for driving sales and showcasing multilinks through Instagram by creating a landing page. Kudos. Can one also make custom url link?
The Best UX design
@dimani_ Thank you! I'll pass this along to our designer :D
This is amazing platform in Azerbaijan as well. The most of the Instagram influencer, trainer and sellers are using Taplink for their businesses
@kamran_mammadov1 It's a great pleasure for us to know it's gaining popularity in Azerbaijan. Thank you!
Taplink is by far the best multi link url tool. I have been using it for 3 years now and I am impressed.
@kofiidee Thank you. We do appreciate your loyalty!
I use this servive for almost 1 year, and it helped me a lot. Instagram looks much better with a cool page in bio, and I have a lot of social network links, so Taplink keeps them all now for me in my bio haha
@katrina_garanina It's awesome when people make the most of our product, or rather understand how it's supposed to be used. We do really appreciate it!