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Tapkast tickles my nostalgic interest in AIM/ICQ status messages from yesteryear and lock screen communication. There are similarities to Text in that it broadcasts messages on friends' notification screen but what's particularly unique is that new messages expire past notifications so there isn't this pileup of push notifications.
@rrhoover Aww, I miss ICQ. Still remember my number - and the friends who had the competition to see who could get the lowest ICQ number
Hey all! I'm a founder of tapkast - feel free to ask me anything!
@tonymillion Hello Tony. Nice app. Fits into the theme of this post http://blog.intercom.io/the-end-... where the notification IS the experience.
@erictwillis thanks - Yeah exactly as the post describes, the whole premise of the app is to keep it ultra-light-weight. While you can delve deep into the app if you need to, the core is the compose screen and the notification tray.
@joshm has a great piece on this topic as well in, Tomorrow’s Social Products. cc @erictwillis @tonymillion
@rrhoover Thanks. I missed this one. Great read so far. @joshm @tonymillion
@erictwillis @rrhoover @joshm @tonymillion I tend to like these push apps, but i hate the notification pileup. So I like your expiration feature. Any reason to expire past ones and show most recent versus rolling all notifications up into a summary and expiring past ones? I've been wondering why more push-apps don't try to do google-inbox-style rollups of summaries to avoid people turning off push
This app is surprisingly fun. Well done!
@blader Thanks Siqi :-)
Another founder here - happy to answer any questions!
@ramykhuffash hey ramy :) how will you get users?
@ShaanVP Good question! It's all about the network! We're reaching initial users un unscalable ways by persuading strangers to try the app, reaching out to our network, presenting at events etc. We're simultaneously casting a wider net through press & plan on running some experiments with people who are popular on Youtube & Vine. The sustainable way we're reaching new users is through current users. Other than making tapkast worth sharing with friends, we're making it easier to invite people by adding suggestions into the posting flow. You can see this in action in the prompt right after you share your status. We're always working on ways to make inviting friends better for everyone involved.
@ramykhuffash awesome - good luck sir!