All your credit cards on one device

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Beware, there is no Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and any guarantee that they won't steal your personal data. Also if the cards always stay on the app, I would love an OpenSource version of this. If I do, I possibly gonna use it
@noxowe Hey! Tapito doesn't share any data that's stored on the device (including card details). The only permissions required to run tapito are access to the device's NFC & vibration so all data is stored locally on your phone and is never communicated with the outside world. Hope that clears things up for you Laszlo.
As said by @noxowe, there is no Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or any guarantee that they won't steal your data. But the app isn't allowed internet access. (Of course, if op snuck in a backdoor, he could still get them) Also, what's concerning, is they built their website using HTML5UP.net, which is NOT a bad service at all, but they did not credit AJ (creator of HTML5UP) or put the required signature at the bottom. This violates the CC Attribution 3.0 License found at html5up.net/license. Also, as proof he didn't use the Pixelarity (paid, attribution-free) version, look at top lines of code at http://tapito.co/assets/css/main.... But I could be wrong...
@1080p Yup, I'm not touching an app that doesn't have a Privacy Policy + Terms of use. Because if anything happens, like you loose money, even if someone else stole it not the app creators but with the app, there is absolutely no way to get it back...
@noxowe Legitimately such a sketchy app. Why use some random wallet app on the Play Store than use a proven app, like Google Wallet, which has a multi-billion dollar company. The whole app honestly looks like he just found some credit card wallet app on Github and just ripped it and rebranded.
@1080p Yeah well I don't like to be negative on Product Hunt, it's just that when people are placing security into the shadow and just say it's fully secure I get out of my mind a bit (as a security researcher). I don't really care about the design BUT! This is a financial app where bank security checklists should apply and they should at least use some kind of primitive blockchain or something. + coming up with rooted phones as the main marketing piece doesn't tell me that the company takes their job very seriously. (Wait, is it even a company?) cc @er1cer
@noxowe @er1cer When it's an app that handles your money, you can be as harsh as you want. And ditto to your comment. @er1cer is this a company? It says "© Vegan Cupcakes Inc." at the bottom of your site.
@1080p @noxowe @er1cer I can't find info about this company, not sure if it's real.
I'm not sure about the tagline, but this seems interesting
@bentossell I posted the tag-line as they requested lol. I just wasn't sure about it.
@_jacksmith if nike asked me to post 'just do it' - I'd still opt for the clearer, descriptive option :) haha
@_jacksmith thanks for the hunt!
why would I use this over Android Pay?
@ejameswill Hey! You can use any card in a handful of North American countries to tap & pay at terminals, not just the ones that are supported by Android Pay. Tapito also supports rooted phones (Android Pay does not).
@er1cer is that a feature or a bug of Android?
Hey PH! So happy to share my latest project with you. Tapito was built out of frustration of not being able to use my phone to pay for my daily purchases. Android Pay does not work for my cards, which is weird because I have both VISA and MC. Anyway, Tapito allows you to add MasterCard and VISA debit & credit cards to your Android phone and take advantage of your device's NFC to tap & pay at terminals. You won't need your wallet in your pocket anymore! It's a super simple app that requires very little in terms of permissions (which is where you're probably already freaked out). We only ask for access to your device's NFC and vibration (no internet connection) which means that all card data is only stored on your device and never shared/stored elsewhere. You can verify this on the Play Store if you check out the "Permissions" list. The app itself is working well in most North & South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and USA. It's worked for some in Canada as well. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I'll be happy to answer any queries you may have :)