Tapglue Elements

Turn your app into a social network with one line of code

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I have been working with Tapglue since Fall of 2015 and the service has been a huge help integrating a social network into my app, Stepz. Great idea to make these UI elements available to developers. The API is already rock-solid, with the new UI elements, you can even skip a lot work in the design department. Awesome!
@visu Thanks Michael. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable for us from day 1 and also informed the design of Elements.
Thanks for hunting this, @nikkielizdemere! Excited to share Elements with the PH community. We've built this on top of the Tapglue platform to make it even easier to turn your app into a social network - it literally takes one line of code now to add the core components of social apps to your product. We're curious to hear your feedback and questions!
I've been waiting for this since chatting with Norman and Rafael :) Great job on your support for Swift too!
@f_j_j_ Thanks Francis, looking forward to your Feedback!
Love it! This will help me to focus more on my App experience :) and not get stuck in UI Elements. #iBuiltAndNotDesign
@tristancelebi Thanks. Always a pleasure to work with you.
Awesome company guys - keep kicking ass!
@nivoda Much appreciated Nikolay!