Build a Facebook-like news feed into your app in no time

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Hey Product Hunters, we're excited to be on Product Hunt today. Thanks @nikkielizdemere for posting Tapglue. Our mission is to bring the power of social networks to any app with ease. The Tapglue platform helps you to make your app more sticky, engaging and viral. With our powerful RESTful API and an open-source iOS SDK (Android coming soon) you can build a social news feed into your product in no time. We’re striving to create a true plug & play experience and handle all the complex things in the background, so you can concentrate on creating a great experience for your users. Feel free to shoot questions at us! :-)
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@normanwiese Norman, this looks awesome. How did you guys come up with the idea? backstory?
I’ve worked with Tapglue in the last weeks to build my social newsreader app Venn Read http://www.producthunt.com/tech/... and it was really easy to use. I don't now how much time it would have taken me, if I would have build the social backend by myself. What are you guys planning next?
@tristancelebi Hey Tristan, I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed implementing Tapglue. A big focus for us in the next weeks is to make it even easier to get started with Tapglue. Drop-in UI components, an Android SDK and Success Guides will help with that. Looking at the bigger picture, we'll expand our platform massively to enable apps like Venn Read to provide a more meaningful, personal and relevant experience. For example, you'll be able to deliver smart content recommendations to individual users based on their preferences, behavior and interactions with your content. Stay tuned, there are great things in the pipeline. :-)
Awesome team and great product. Big probs to @onurakpolat @normanwiese and team Tapglue for gettings this out of the gate. #proudangel
@stefanbielau Thanks for the kind words, Stefan. :-)
@stefanbielau glad to hear, you're the best.
Awesome product and great team! I met the CEO a few times and it's amazing what they have built this year. As an solo, indie developer who wants to integrate a community within my app, I did the math. It's just doesn't make sense to build the social layer by myself including coding, hosting, maintenance and security. This can be done by Tapglue now and I'm looking forward to integrate the service in the coming weeks.
Hey guys, cool product. What inspired you to make this?
@svenlen Thanks! :) We think the metric you need to get right in order to develop a successful product/app is retention. You can not grow your user base if your product is not sticky. We're strong believers that one of the most powerful ways to hook your users and achieve strong retention rates is to create a network in your product. We've built successful networks before and know how hard this can be from a conceptual and technical perspective. That's why we decided to start Tapglue and are now abstracting the solutions to many of the challenges you'll face when trying to build network effects into your product.