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Neat app! Could you talk a little more about your decision to make this a paid app? @kavan94
@kavan94 @dillchen I think this should *really* be a freemium app.
@dillchen I'd love to offer TapFood for free, but for an app that's purpose is to make the process of using it as quick and simple as possible, ads weren't really an option. Since people will only be using TapFood when they're hungry, unobtrusive ads would simply be ignored and useless, while ads that forced people to stop, watch a video and then close them, would be downright frustrating.
@tzhongg I am open to ideas for how to offer TapFood for free. I toyed with the idea of offering the app for free, but requiring users to pay after 1 month of using the app, but that just seemed like a deceptive technique.
It looks like mostly for chain food, is that true? I haven't bought it yet
@paulbz yes, TapFood is meant for chains. Since it's purpose is to make getting food on-the-go easier, having restaurants on your list that aren't chains wouldn't make much sense. In the near future I hope to add an option to add your own custom favorites.
@paulbz that was my impression, which is why I didn't buy it to check it out. I can always find chain restaurants, its the odd cool ones I like to go to (which is why several of our apps were made, just so we can use them when we travel.)
@golocalapps TapFood is supposed to make it easier to find those chains, though. You don't have to search one-by-one for them, you can find all your favorites at once. However, if you don't care for any chains, or don't really have any favorites, I can see how it wouldn't be all that much help.
@kavan94 For folks that like chain food, and that don't already have their favorite chain's app (and many good chains still don't have an app for whatever inconceivable marketing reason they decided to pass on - Shake Shake, now a public company doesn't have an app. It'd only cost them $5-10K to do it. so why not) you've got a good selection. Adding in ads won't kill you, but you'll also get limited exposure as you noted. We did ads in our Starbucks app to play with a free model, and it really doesn't pay for itself. We sell several restaurant guide apps that make reasonable money, so you can sell an app without needing the freemium version. And don't take my comment as criticism. From what I can see not having downloaded it, you did a good job and it looks like the best of your three apps. We considered doing something like this a while back, but didn't want to have to maintain a database of 10K+ locations and not have them native to the phone. So if you purchased (or scrapped) the data, just be prepared to keep updating. Nothing is going to piss off your customers that purchased it than using it to find a closed location. Or not having the new ones that just opened.
@golocalapps thanks, I appreciate the feedback. The data should be thoroughly up-to-date and updated constantly. Soon, TapFood should also have a feature that will allow you to see if a restaurant is open or closed based on their hours before you decide to go there, just by tapping on it.