Portfolios for Mobile App Developers

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Developers are often unsung heroes! Designers get much more attention at large. I think efforts like this to bring developers more "fame" for their work are useful in showing younger developers what's possible and helping to shed some light on really fantastic devs that might fly under the radar otherwise.
@uxandrew totally agree. Especially since the competitiveness in the App Store now demands high quality in terms of design, even the small solo devs put a lot of time into their UI. Time to show off our beautiful apps!
@ptaylorsimpson I think there's a subtle message out there that design is for showoffs and dev is for shy people. I think design is something that can be seen and is often in your face while few people really understand the code of an app, so the design is more approachable. Efforts like this help development become more approachable, and that's really interesting to me.
@ptaylorsimpson @uxandrew Developers need a visual way to showcase their work... we've hopefully started to help with that. Thanks for your support.
@satjot is the founder, can we get him access to comment?
We've been on here for a while. I'm not sure where they get the stats since we've got more than double the number of apps they have us down for just in iTunes. And I don't have the time to just add in more by hand. (Though I suppose with less PH time, I could get it done.) I don't think we've ever had a potential client come in from it, but I've never asked. Maybe I should make a specific TapFame email to track.
@golocalapps This is Satjot from TapFame here. You should reach out to @ankitranka to see if we can get you more projects. I think we have done a good job of helping developers make portfolios easy. Getting gigs has been harder. You could share your portfolio url on Linkedin/etc. to better showcase your work.
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