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Hello PH, it is a pleasure to be here. This is a 100% bootstrapped MVP we conceived last September and have been coding since. The idea is to get the best of podcasting and Medium and put it together. I'll be drafting a FAQ in the next minutes but I'd love your feedback in the mean time.
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@tapefinder really liked how light the tapes are and interface also is well focused on content. One feature request though: option to keep tape playing once we switched to read comments.
@exexzian absolutely, this already happens on mobile. We have that one in the backlog.
@tapefinder Product Hunt needs to make TapeWrite their default podcast engine.
@tapefinder wonderful! Congrats on your launch. I think your new direction with gated content is smart. So if I'm to summarize correctly, you're looking to build YouTube Red for podcasts? I definitely like this idea. Though I will say this, until you get lots of users I'd rather invest in my own mobile app with its own gated content. So will you continue uploading episodes of The Pitch and stripping them of ads? When do I get the first check πŸ˜‰ I'm kidding, but I am curious what are your next steps?
@joshmuccio we have changed our back end so we can actually pull from your RSS. Will do that from the next episode. Yes, youtube red is a great analogy. You are a tech savvy person who can think of having your own app and a great marketeer who can find advertisers and read beautiful ads. Many people we talk to are neither of those and just want to take the relationship with their 10 loyal listeners to a new level. Our unfair andvantage is besides a superior format, that we are in a very affluent area (north Europe) where: a) people are used and willing to pay for great content b) spoken audio is still consumed as in the 20th century c) everyone has a smartphone.
FAQ - Is this a podcatcher? No, the world does not need another podcatcher. There are plenty great apps already available. When you publish on TapeWrite we host the file for you. We have a little back end trick that allows us to pull from some podcasts RSS so we can have some good content to start with but users can only upload the mp3s to the platform. - What's with the cards? Podcasts come with show notes. In TapeWrite you can add them as cards at certain points of the audio. You can comment, share or bookmark those cards. It truly makes the listening experience better, even if you don;t look at the screen while you do it. You can keep context during and way after the listening. - How much does it cost to host audio on TapeWrite? Zero. Forever. You don't pay to host your videos or photos, why pay for audio? - I want to press a button and record! The guys at anchor nailed that one. Our platform is more geared to people who already know how to produce an mp3. The hard part of long-form audio is not recording, is *editing*, as in knowing how to make the story flow, what parts to cut, what parts to re-record. That is not solved by tech. - Why would someone just publish on TapeWrite and not send to iTunes and elsewhere? This is a good one. Most podcasters want to be in all possible platforms so they want to host once and let the magic of RSS spread their content everywhere. The flip side is that podcasters don't visit those client apps so there is no way to have a conversation with them in the place where you listen. - Where's the IOS app? We want to go through a couple iterations on the web app before going IOS and Android. We are a small bootsrapped team so we prefer to do one thing right.
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Love TapeWrite. This is how all podcasts should be and can't believe it didn't exist already. Huge fan of both founder and the product.
I wrote a post about our next steps on medium. The TLDR: we believe premium, behind-a-paywall content is the future of indie publishing and we are building just that for TapeWrite. https://medium.com/@tapewrite/no...
Congrats, Borja! Great article about how you've adjusted your revenue model. Smart. @tapefinder @tapewrite
Just signed up in seconds - easy peasy. Looks really cool. Nice, clean mobile UX. Love Medium format so excited to see the approach for audio. @borja_tapewrite what are the main types of "authors" / content have you seen coming to the platform initially?
@todd_henderson mostly people who like the idea of podcasting but are intimidated by the technical overhead of it. Our next step is to build a paywall so publishers can have premium content they can monetize. Think a freemium netflix for your ears.