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Skander Garroum@skagarroum · Co-Founder Airy
cool product, cheap pricing, works on android and iOs. Better usability is needed in a lot of apps nowadays, this should help developers understand their users behavior.
David NagyMaker@davidnagy · Ambitious. Bold. Curious. Doer.
@SkaGarroum thanks for your thoughts buddy. Our burning desire is to see apps getting better and hopefully we will be a part of the solution.
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Copy & Paste the SDK into your app and add 2 lines of code to integrate it. Remotely configure what sessions you would like to record and start recording. Watch the videos and find out how your users are actually using your app. Also checkout https://lookback.io/awesome
David NagyMaker@davidnagy · Ambitious. Bold. Curious. Doer.
Hey all! Co-founder of TapeRecorder.io here... happy to answer any of the questions you guys have. All feedback is highly appreciated and welcomed. @kwdinc thanks for posting. A bit sooner than we would have liked... but as things go in life, we will have to roll with it now.
John Goering ن@epaga · http://www.mindscopeapp.com
Hmmm...I wonder if it shouldn't be allowed as the founder to "shut down" a Product Hunt entry if it's too soon, especially if a launch date was planned. About the product itself: looks impressive if it works as promised. Does the framework itself pop open a box asking the user if they are OK with being recorded? Would go a ways to alleviate obvious privacy concerns.
David NagyMaker@davidnagy · Ambitious. Bold. Curious. Doer.
@epaga John thanks a lot for taking the time to comment. Really appreciate it. You probably know what Reid Hoffman said "If You're Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late" - so we are fine with it (in our case was just a matter of a few days anyway) but I would guess @rrhover and his team have something on their roadmap regarding this possible issue. As most people nowadays, we build TapeRecorder.io to scratch our own itch. One of the problems we came across was that feedback from "casual users" is rarely constructive, mostly emotional & biased. That is why in our current version we don't have any pop-up or obvious opt-in from the user, but we do CARE a lot about privacy, so that's why we have a built-in feature to pixelate any sensitive information such as password fields and you can also choose to pixelate any view you want to be obscured. And of course you will have to include in your Privacy Policy that you are using the TapeRecorder SDK just like with any other analytics tool. We are eager to improve in this regard and be more explicit, so everyone please feel free to make suggestions. John thanks again and let's keep in touch! Wish you all the best with Mindscope. I love the very simple and clear landing page.
David NagyMaker@davidnagy · Ambitious. Bold. Curious. Doer.
@epaga John, a quick follow-up answer. I was just notified about a feature from our roadmap: The developer will have the option to ask for explicit permission to make recordings.
John Goering ن@epaga · http://www.mindscopeapp.com
@DavidNagy OK, cool - it's obviously something a dev could easily do themselves, too. I just can't think of a situation where you wouldn't want to at least let the user know you are monitoring their usage of the app.
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · KZen, CEO / Co-founder isai (VC)
Difference with appsee?
Sieva KozinskyHiring@sievakozinsky · CEO, StudySoup
Looks cool, any differences with UXCam.com? We've been using them in our beta stage but I'm always on the hunt for good products (thanks PH and @rrhover!)