Call your friends and record together

Ever had a great conversation with a friend and wished you could've shared it? With Tapebook, anyone can record an audio/video podcast conversation, right from their iPhone! Simply call your friends on Tapebook, record together, and share your update freely!
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We built Tapebook out of our garage with a remotely distributed team. It's been a long time coming, but Apple finally approved our app on the App Store. I hope you'll check us out! If you download the app and follow me on Tapebook, we can also record a tape together! My username is @ali - thank you!!
Do you call through the app or does it just record your normal calls, or... How does it work?
@james_stramer yes, all calls are placed through the app, and your friend will need Tapebook to record with you. When you call them, they'll get a notification that you want to record a tape with them. When your friend answers on Tapebook, you'll see a 10 second countdown appear before the recording begins - all recordings are for up to 5 mins. When your time is up, the person who placed the call, can then add a title and some hashtags before posting it to the TapeFeed for others to listen to!
@james_stramer calls can be audio only, or split-screen video... I've been posting a bunch of tapes with some friends. Try it out, it's fun! :)
This is such a great app. My friends and I are always saying that we need to record our conversation because someone else may find them valuable. I'm definitely giving this a try.
@callmewilsar thank you for your support and for tweeting about us! We want to bring podcasting to the masses and give everyone a voice to share cool and interesting conversations. I can't wait to see/hear what you'll create on Tapebook! ;-)
We're not the Uber of anything lol... I hate using these analogies, but what Twitter did to blogging, with micro-blogging, we're doing to podcasting, with micro-podcasting. Instagram's updates are pictures, Tapebook's updates are conversations. Our mission is to become the primary social network for authentic, genuine social conversations. We believe the true promise of social media can only be achieved with "bi-directional" communication, not one-way status updates! On Tapebook, it takes two to tango, and that's what makes conversations more interesting and fluid, when two people are discussing interesting topics, thoughts, opinions, etc. So during those micro-waiting moments, when you just want to be entertained with a bite-sized podcast or interesting conversation to listen to, you can do it on Tapebook. Hope you'll check us out PH fam! :)