Turn your hand into a remote control

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Markus Sudhoff
Markus SudhoffMaker@markussudhoff · CEO, tapdo technologies
Hey Product Hunt Community, have a look at our Kickstarter Project http://kck.st/2nLKGe3 and enjoy! Thank you Moritz!
Peter Freeby
Peter Freeby@peterfreeby · designer, curator
This sort of seems like an Apple Watch but with only the IFTTT app on it.. especially because of the larger range of capabilities any mainstream smart watch has at around the same price range, what's the ideal user here?
Markus Sudhoff
Markus SudhoffMaker@markussudhoff · CEO, tapdo technologies
@peterfreeby Hi Peter, the most smartwatch users told us that they like their smartwatches for notifications and tracking but only a few of them like to control something with their smartwatches. Because of the size it's to difficult for the most people. Therefore one touch at a button without looking at it is something different. Clipped on the smartwatch wristband or stand alone. It's helpful for many situations: when you are driving (no-look controller), when you are jogging, when you are presenting a keynote, when you have no time and want to call a cab, when you want to control your lights easily without speaking to alexa, ...
Grzegorz Hadała
Grzegorz Hadała@greghadala · Product Designer
This is just wrong 😂
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
🖖 Great work! Added to: https://www.producthunt.com/@fra...