A community-driven mobile ad exchange

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Finally someone has come up with a decent solution to begin the process of breaking up the monopoly of mobile marketing which has been rigged to benefit only the top players. It almost takes a miracle or act of God for excellent apps or games to break through without spending a fortune to promote their apps. Hoping this works. Even if not, it at least has addressed the massive pink elephant in the room.
@paisano hey buddy, thank you very much for the support. We'll work very hard to succeed, and I think we have a good shot at challenging the status quo - simply because this feels like a real community effort. A lot of people depend on this as a solution and we're fortunate enough to be in a position to help. Thanks so much for the support, it genuinely means the world. :)
@nashy I agree with @paisano . I really like your approach. Having run a startup in the mobile industry, I understand his sentiment because I had first-hand experience with that issue. The odds are really stacked against the smaller players and it's great to see someone address this problem.
@erictwillis cheers guys! Appreciate it, please do drop by often and if you are ever in London, hit me up
@nashy Oh I will for sure. I extend the same offer if you're ever in Atlanta. Please visit us at Applanta. We're making a lot of noise in the app space now after our third venture SafeCrowd.
A peer-to-peer advertising network whereby users trade digital currency called “Daq” instead of dollars, to lower the costs of acquiring a user. Built by indie app developers, for indie app developers. When you signup, they give you 1,000 Daq to try out the platform so you can see the results yourself .
Any questions at all that anyone has, please feel free to ask. Very happy to provide any information :)
@nashy Interesting concept. Do you have any metrics you could provide in terms of how many installs the average app has produced using Tapdaq? Anything that you can provide regarding to performance would be great. I'm reading your blog now though as well..maybe I will find it there.
@erictwillis thanks so much for the add :) Sure thing - we've had to be relatively selective on the developers who we have helped create campaigns, simply because we have had an overwhelming response. With that said, on average, an active app see's about 1,000 new installs generated per month (for no cost). Probably more importantly though is that we are seeing an increase in the LTVU of apps using Tapdaq because the users acquired seem to be more relevant...Probably due to such a transparent marketplace. nnWe have some amazing learnings and we are building some great relationships!
This sounds a little confusing, but very interesting.