WhatsApp for Strangers

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Nisa Chavez Taylor@nisachatay · Startup PR consultant
I like the idea of using this for networking/meeting new friendly people vs. other apps for meeting people (i.e. dating apps that make meeting people around you have a potential contingency -- like meeting up means it's romantic, which automatically can make things awkward). It could open up communication to go beyond flirting (like in dating apps), people can actually network and talk about things in common, ideas, whatever.. I also like that it's semi-anonymous so you don't have to share personal info, but because of the profile photo you also (hopefully) won't have to deal with people trolling around or bullying people, like other purely anonymous apps have had to deal with.
Melvin Tercan@melvinmt
Hi everyone, I created TapChat because I’ve always wanted to create a simple app to break the ice during networking events and meeting locals when I’m visiting new places. Basically an anonymous messaging app aimed at more professional use (no dating/cyber bullying). Figuring out the magic sauce for social local apps (it’s hard! [1]) has always been a secret passion of mine. PS: I'm aware of some bugs and crashes and am working hard on resolving them in the next update (after the holidays). Please check it out and tell me what you think about the general UI/UX while I iron out these wrinkles. Would love to get your feedback on the app! [1] http://andrewchen.co/social-netw...
Joe Varghese@joevarghese13
Fascinating app. I loved the facial recognition at the beginning of the sign up process. The process felt friction-less. I always dread setting up profile pictures for new accounts. Would be great if I could also upload a photo from my phone's gallery as my profile picture. One thing i did not fully understand is why I had to establish a new selfie for each chat. I'm curious as to what is the overall purpose of this feature. Frankly, It felt kind of annoying because the facial recognition kept bothering me to take a photo when I clearly did not want to. It got in the way of what I really wanted to do which was chat. I like the concept of this app. I'm interested in seeing how this app performs in actual social/event settings. Where it can be used to break the initial awkwardness of establishing a conversation. A lot of people have social anxiety when meeting new people. I wonder if having a short introduction through an app such as this would bring down the individual's anxiety levels when the 2 people actually meet in person.
Melvin Tercan@melvinmt
@joevarghese13 Glad you find it fascinating! Taking a selfie per chat message is optional by the way, not required (if you don't take a new one it will simply use your last one). You're able to alter your face to add extra context to each message when needed (e.g. surprised face when someone says something suprising). It's more like creating your own emoticons. I do see your point that it can get annoying if you don't want to use it, I'll see what I can do about that, however for now, a single tap on the camera should stop it from bothering you.
Pieter Walraven@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie - pie.co
@melvinmt Interesting app and nice simple onboarding. In the card view of people nearby I would like to see where exactly - or roughly - nearby is. The word 'Nearby' doesn't do much for me. fyi: added to the every growing Chat & Messaging Apps ProductHunt collection: http://www.producthunt.com/Piete...
Melvin Tercan@melvinmt
@PieterPaul Thanks for your feedback. The algorithm behind finding users makes "Nearby" a bit of a relative concept in the app so it's hard to say where it starts or ends. In other words: it doesn't have a fixed radius. If you're in a dense urban area "nearby" is much closer for example than "nearby" in a rural area. I might be able to give an indication of what the current radius is however (by looking at the furthest user), so will look into that, thanks!
Pieter Walraven@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie - pie.co
@melvinmt Got it, makes sense! Sounds like a good approach to a relatively small and growing user base as I guess it covers for the disappointing "No one else around you".