Premium beer journal app for iPhone.

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So what differentiates this app from Untappd?
@derrickshowers I would check out the features page to learn more ➡ http://tapcellar.com/#features-t...
@hrbrt Thanks! Great resource. This is something I've been looking for – don't need all of the social aspects that Untappd provides.
@derrickshowers Yeah, that was one of the things they _didn't_ do ➡ throw social sharing in your face. The IAP is worth it too. More info here: http://www.macdrifter.com/tag/ta...
TapCellar is one of my favorite beer apps. It offers a very nice interface, easy data sharing, powerful search, offline access, and easy backup for beer nerds like me.
Android version coming?
@zefareu none in the works unless we hit some critical mass with the iOS version that would fund it.
Ugh....another orange app icon. My iPhone is going to be filled with nothing but white and orange icons at this rate. 😟 The app looks very nice though.
@unseenvision TapCellar had orange before orange was cool. 😎
I really like this app, the ability to search beers without an internet connection is really handy, especially in bars with terrible/no signal. The only drawback for me is that it doesn't have a lot of the English beers that I drink, but thats more a failing of BreweryDB.