Turn your Shopify store into a native iPhone app πŸš€

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Hi everyone! I'm a founder of Tapcart. We are thrilled to be featured on Product Hunt today. Big thanks for @erictwillis for the hunt. Tapcart can turn a Shopify store into a fully native iPhone app in minutes. You can create, customize and preview an app for free. With an app, store owners can send interactive push notifications to customers, accept Apple Pay to allow customers to checkout in seconds, and provide a mobile shopping experience that can increase order conversions. Mobile-optimized sites are good, but they don't compare to the experience of using a native app. Our early adopters have seen a 3x increase in orders per session vs. mobile web. We hope to lower the barrier to entry of having a beautiful, native iPhone app. It used to require a lot of time and money to build an app, not to mention the development costs to keep it updated and optimized. Now you can build one quickly and easily -- we'll take care of the tech. We are offering free trials to visitors from Product Hunt, so you can create *and* launch an app for free. Thanks for taking a look! We hope you enjoy Tapcart.
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Hi @mobass! I think this is a superb product but there's no way my team would approve a $99 p/m price tag. Everything else you've done looks superb! I would also love the option for unique hex values rather than pre-picked colors when theming. I'm in a situation where I would have to appeal to someone higher up and propose Tapcart as a solution (and I imagine many people who discover Tapcart will be in this position) as opposed to making the decision with my own money. If it was a one-off pricing (say $499) and a yearly license renewal at say $24.99 then it's certainly something I could try and pitch. But not at $99. I just wanted to give some personal feedback on the pricing. The setup itself (seamless integration, beautiful and clear setup) is something I imagine a HUGE amount of Shopify store owners want and you've executed it perfectly - so perhaps I'm just incredibly cheap. πŸ˜‚ Anyway, brilliant product dude! Hope it goes well
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@suparchie @mobass We use a competitor product and are incredibly happen to spend $299 a month to have our site on a CMS platform like this. It generates a ton of added value and revenue more than covering a small few hundred vs. having to develop an app and keep it updated in another way. We will take a look at this app as well, maybe there are reasons to eventually switch.
Awesome product. But, $99/month is way too much, considering sites built with Shopify look beautiful on mobile devices.
@faisal_hassanx Thanks for your feedback on the product πŸ™πŸΌ Yes, many Shopify themes are 'mobile-optimized' but we feel there's something missing. The numbers show it -- there's a far higher percentage of mobile traffic than there is eCommerce orders placed on mobile devices. We're looking to solve mobile commerce by offering a user experience that far surpasses visiting a mobile website. Customers get a far better shopping experience while store owners can engage with their customers better. Regarding the price: we think $99/month is a pretty good deal to get a native app, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many months to develop πŸ˜‰
Super impressed with the founders and glad to see this up on PH. For most Shopify businesses, building a native app is really out of reach. Talk to any mobile app shop or even a freelancer, you just can't get anything built for less than a few thousand (or even tens of thousands of dollars). This is a big win for ecommerce companies that don't have the engineering resources or budget to build their own native app.
@webjoe Thanks for your support, Joseph! We're excited to lower the barrier to entry of having a high quality iPhone app.
great job :D