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Hi all, Josh with Tapas here. First of all, thank you to Bram so much for hunting us! Tapas is a new, free, marketplace for stories delivered in bite-sized pieces (5-10 minute read times) by professional writers for your mobile phone. It also has a free comics section powered by the Tapastic web comic platform. Between books and comics we literally have tens of thousands of great stories ready for everyone to get on their phones right now! Give it a try and let me know what you think.
Great Product and Awesome idea.
I already used it when it was called Tapastic, and I'm a big fan from the start. Been following Sarah's scribbles and the Awkward Yeti from since then. Really cool to see Tapas on PH.
@gillesbertaux Yeah, Sarah Scribbles and The Awkward Yeti are pretty great. We actually just released a series by The Awkward Yeti called Medical Tales Retold which is definitely something worth checking out. It's super easy to find too. Right on the Home Page.
I love platforms like Tapas that make great content available. I have two questions: how do you source your stories, and how much curation is involved?
@davidyhlee Hey David, Before I answer let me just say we're huge fans of Shakr here! We just started using it for marketing videos and I personally love the simplicity and the final product. Good stuff! As far as your questions go: 1) We primarily source our literary/book stories through our awesome VP of Content, Adrienne Horsley. Adrienne is in constant talks with authors, agents, and publishers almost daily. So, in the coming weeks when you start to hear some of the big name authors and publishers we've been able to sign you'll know who we have to thank. As far as comic and illustrated stories go, Tapas primarily sources those through Tapastic, which is our free and open, web-based, comics platform. 2) Curation on Tapas happens in a number of different ways. For books, each book is read by someone on the content team before it's allowed on the platform. Sometimes a book is read by multiple members if someone asks for a second opinion. Then, once a book is made live, the content team decides which books to spotlight and which collection(s) the book belongs in. As far as comics go, since Tapastic is an open platform, it's much less restrained in terms of what makes it onto the comics side of Tapas. However our Editor in Chief, Michael Son does a great job managing those stories and highlighting the best work he discovers in a "New and Noteworthy" collection.
This is a great product!
@jonahengler Thanks Jonah! And we're just getting started. We've got some great new features coming out soon (a top notch notification system, ad supported currency rewards, etc.) and we just signed some real heavy hitters in the publishing and literary worlds that we'll be announcing very shortly.