Tap Tap Tap

Open source tapping game built with Javascript

After 6 months of hard work applying everything I’ve learned in Javascript, I present to you this simple game that works perfectly on both mobile phones and desktop browsers. And of course, I’m sharing the source code with everyone hoping it’d help someone learn more Javascript.

  • Zalmy Karimi
    Zalmy KarimiFounder of ReadTheBias.com

    Nice attention to detail with a very smooth flow to the whole game


    No cons noticed

    It's not unbearably difficult nor incredibly easy. It's in the middle, which puts it in a sweet spot for pastime gaming. It would be interesting to see what a leaderboard would add to the mix of all this.

    Zalmy Karimi has used this product for one day.
  • Nour Abusoud
    Nour AbusoudFrontend engineer

    fun, easy & addictive




    Nour Abusoud has used this product for one week.
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Mohammad S. Jaber
Mohammad S. Jaber@msjaber · Developer
The timeline is brilliant! Love it :)
Juan Rios
Juan Rios@juanrios_nl · UI / UX designer, NGTI
Game is fun and love the marketing site.
Sooraj 🌏
Sooraj 🌏@iamsooraj · Building AsyncMatic for remote teams
This is fun.
Hristiyan Dodov
Hristiyan Dodov@dodooov · Full-Stack Developer at Oblik Studio
Cool and simple concept. I like the design a lot, the animations and sounds are really well made! 🙌 I give it 10/10 taps. What’s even crazier is that you made the game with the DOM API. Big respect for making it so sleek. You could try http://phaser.io/ for your next game, though. It will make stuff a lot easier! 👍
Mahdi Farra
Mahdi FarraMaker@mahdif · Senior Product Designer
@hristiyandodov Oh wow! Phaser looks awesome! It would've definitely made things way easier for me, but I had a few goals I wanted to hit with that game that I couldn't achieve with a framework: - Learn pure JS - Make sure my code performs very well on mobile devices - Learn better CSS Animation But again, thank you Hristiyan for sharing Phase with me, I never heard of it before, will definitely give it a shot in the future if I decided to make another fun game 🕹
Hristiyan Dodov
Hristiyan Dodov@dodooov · Full-Stack Developer at Oblik Studio
@mahdif Well, you’ve definitely learned JS and CSS animations by the looks of it. 😋 I’ve used Phaser on several games with various levels of complexity and it always does the job very well. You can make mobile games too! I’ve hunted some of the games on PH, you can check them at my profile. The stable version of Phaser is 2.10 and is maintained by the community while the actual Phaser devs are working on Phaser 3 that will be released very soon (I think somewhere in February) and it’s going to kick ass! 💥 There is a Phaser Slack group (I’m in it) and I highly recommend you join in as well. If you’re into web games, you wouldn’t want to miss out! 🙌
Edward Vasquez
Edward Vasquez@edwardvasquezdr · Founder of shuuka.com
hahaha nice game! i love it simple and really good!