Powerful, totally customizable note-taking system

/tap is a powerful and customizable note-taking system. Like a blank notebook, its strength comes from its simplicity. With a few special tools, you can build any note-taking system you want, complete with methods to track, organize, and visualize your ideas.
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Hello! When I set out to build /tap, above all, I wanted a piece of software that did not require installing another app or logging into a website to get things done. The reason for this is because I knew another app, even one I made, would be much less likely to get used than a service or system I'm already routinely engaged with. I lifted the CC signup for a few days so you guys can try it out. Can't wait to hear what you think.
I just signed up. In case I don't make it back to this page, wanted to comment: Brilliant idea. Love it. Implementation & UI/UX we'll see. But your concept is great, thanks for innovating. There's a lot we need to keep track of, and that's an important aspect of knowledge management. I may be in touch in future to discuss collaborating, as you just jumped on my shortlist of really innovative apps I've found (like Notion.so, Walling.app, Calculist, a number of others) for dealing with data and knowledge in more intuitive ways.
Thanks you! Also, feedback on the UI is welcome.
I like the premise! Just want to point out a small typo on the website. On your 'Email Digest' card, you put 'or' instead of 'of.'