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Big move from Wattpad. I've been watching Hooked, Radish, and apps that use a text-based storytelling format familiar to #millennials. Wattpad's in a strong position to capture interest from great writers because they have such a large reach... or maybe they'll inspire more people to tell stories in this format, fueling the growth of the entire space and its competitors.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. This is just step 1. We're super excited about what's next.
@bombayhustle @rrhoover This is AMAZING, might just be the best use of CUI that I have seen yet πŸ™‚ πŸ€–
This is really interesting stuff. I'm a fan of storytelling and always found that digital mediums haven't been utilized effectively yet to tell stories in new and creative ways. You may already know Wattpad as arguably the biggest social network for creative writing out there. With Tap, you can now read stories that ... tap ... into the digital and pervasive medium of chat. It's a pretty neat and creative model that may just work in keeping you busy on a commute or while standing in line. That said, I wonder how long it'll take to get tap fatigue!
This could turn into the new version of 'Chose Your Own Adventure' stories if you add a bot/paths to the story. Wonder what it's like to create stories.
@kunalslab Absolutely. We're looking at ways to encourage more participation with storytelling. :)
@bombayhustle Please do this πŸ˜€
Tap stories are the future! Cool to see more people driving it forward :)
@nbashaw Thanks Nathan!
@nbashaw But I don't think anyone can do it better than Hardbound yet, love it!!
@abdussamit haha thanks! The visuals definitely make a big difference, I agree
Have always been a big fan of Allen Lau and team. They're silently crushing it here in Toronto! Congrats team. This is an interesting play... I think good content always wins in this space and Wattpad has a solid grasp on that. Excited to watch!