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Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for all the support, you've really made our day! I'm a co-founder at Tap and wanted to let you know that we've got some great new features coming up really soon, which includes free SSL for all Tap sites. We hope you like what we're trying to do and really value your feedback - so please get back to us with your thoughts :) Thanks, Joe
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Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out Tap! We think you'll love it. Feel free to ask questions, Pete Lead Developer at Tap
@pwheslop Hello Pete, looks really good! how do you keep costs down? I mean for $5 10Gb what happens if you have a site with millions of visits?
@deambulando @pwheslop Hey Chema, Thanks for the question and checking out Tap. We built Tap on top of the Google Cloud Platform which means we can be really scalable and still offer great value for money. Obviously if there are sites that are enjoying huge volumes of traffic we always step in and arrange a more bespoke solution based on our architecture for the benefit of the user but generally our price point suits our wide range of customers. Thanks for the comment! Pete
Love what you are trying to do :) Not really been a fan of WP.com , will stick with you guys from now on but i guess a shorter domain is just what the doctor ordered ;)
@h_halvi Hi Harsha, Thanks for the kind words! One of the great things about Tap is that you can use whatever plugins you like. And yes, tap.com would be nice 😀
@pwheslop @h_halvi Even Tap.io will do ;) The sub-domains will be neater
@h_halvi Great shout, we'll have a look at what's available
Interesting. What sort of clients are you looking to get off of this—personal users or more business types? Currently, my primary work client is using WPEngine for its hosting needs, and they're paying a heck of a lot more than $5 per month.
@shortformernie Hi Ernie, thanks for the comment. Our current user base consists of both personal and business types - we’re focusing on providing real value at an affordable price. We’ve got some cool new features shipping soon too!
This is really great and affordable. Shifting my business website to TAP. Few Questions: 1 - Can I upload my own plugins/themes purchased/downloaded from somewhere else? 2 - Unmetered bandwidth means unmetered in real sense or there is some limit on it? 3 - 10 GB local storage, how can I increase it? 4 - Some plugins like caching plugins need varnish and such thing to be installed do you support them?
@evivz Hi Vivek, A few answers! 1) Yup, any plugins/themes are allowed. 2) We don't currently have set limit but we do keep an eye out for any 'excessive' usage. If this happens we'll be in touch to advise on a more bespoke solution. 3) Not yet but we have imminent plans to add additional storage options 4) We don't have Varnish installed, but we do already Cache using our own system.
@pwheslop @evivz Thanks for the reply. @ALL I have shifted my business website with them. Till now they have been highly supportive. Hope they remain the same. And yeah Pete himself helped me resolve few issues :)
@evivz Hi Vivek, thanks for the kind words. We really appreciate the support and don't worry, we fully intend to keep up the good work :)