The first gaming network for kids 🎮🧒

Tankee is the first safe, digital destination for kids ages 6-to-12 years-old to enjoy gaming videos. The on-demand entertainment platform brings kids and their parents age-appropriate gaming videos to one location and features a diverse lineup of curated and licensed gaming content through its unique partnerships.

Interesting to see companies like this take a (massive) sliver of YouTube and build an experience for a specific audience (kids). But is YouTube Kids good enough? Curious to hear more about it, @gcyoungblood.
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Amazing question! At Tankee our team of real live humans is focused on gaming and screens ALL of the content which allows us to tackle issues unique to game content. With gaming there could be inappropriate content in chat boxes, in screen names, and the game content itself in addition to the narration from the gamers. Gaming has become a cultural phenomenon and huge business. Kids get this and parents have many horror stories about the pitfalls of other platforms so we’re here to help. @rrhoover
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I have been reading about you and you seem to be doing some awesome work. I'd love to hear more about how you developed a solution to the major problem of safe kids social networking and gaming.
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Thanks for reaching out. The truth is that we have found the community around family-friendly gaming to be full of great people willing to help us see our mission come to life. That extends from our advisors to content creators and tech partners. I'm happy to share details, but the net-net is that kids deserve to have a space for them and parents deserve peace of mind. We are doing this because it needs to exist!
Congrats on launching! What are some of the obstacles you overcame to turn Tankee into a reality? @gcyoungblood
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Thanks for the question @abadesi. We had to educate people my age on how “watching” people play video games has become a cultural phenomenon. Being the dad of a 9-year-old, I see that my son and his friends see influencers as huge stars. They have millions of followers and produce amazing content, but there was no safe space for kids to watch gaming content. On a positive note, we are working on a product dedicated to kids and gaming so all of the people we work with are fun, caring, and believe in our mission so the hard work is worth it. Remember, we exist so that kids can enjoy gaming videos and parents don’t have to worry about the next video or ad that may be inappropriate for their kid.
Well done. Very excited to introduce Tankee to my little cousins.
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