A beautiful full-screen SoundCloud player

Just FYI, doesn't seem to be working for me...sorry! Out of curiosity, what were you thinking the use would be for a styled, full-screen player?
@hello_benhere interesting, doesn't seem to be working for you how? when you click one of my example links nothing happens? Would love to troubleshoot this. This is mostly scratching my own itch: I love soundcloud for sheer amount of great music the platform has to offer, but I wanted a simpler tool for when I just wanted to listen to stuff that I (or someone else) had already curated (by liking or actually curating playlists). I could've done that with a few unstyled buttons, but I chose to try out my "design chops" (read: basic gut-feeling of what I would accept as aesthetically pleasing)
Hey guys, made this a couple of days ago, got reminded I had made it when I saw today's Newsletter. Works with single tracks: http://soundcloud.jonasdaniels.c... Playlists: http://soundcloud.jonasdaniels.c... Likes: http://soundcloud.jonasdaniels.c... and users: http://soundcloud.jonasdaniels.c... I'm currently thinking about actually making the whole thing responsive & adding some more functionality, so happy to receive & respond to feedback, suggestions. (Sorry dear mobile users for it NOT being responsive AT ALL yet.)
Evidently beautiful is subjective.