An Instagram client for the new Apple TV

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This is great @timonus! I had been anticipating on getting this on my apple tv. tvOS is our portal to the next generation of tv consumption and bringing back tv as the thing you sit behined when you get home. I'd love for the interface to be immersive like periscope and be able to "like" things! Thank you!
@atrouwee happy you like it!
Hey @timonus - I saw your Medium article about why you built Tangram!! Just wondering if you could give some brief info here? Do you think Apple TV will become as ingrained in our lives as other Apple products have (for some)? And in that case do we need more products like this that deliver our beloved experiences on our TVs too?
@bentossell hey there! I'm guessing the Apple TV won't become as engrained as the iPhone, which is always with you, and the Mac, which is super portable and can do just about anything. The watch has yet to show its necessity, but maybe it'll be in that category too someday. I don't think the ATV will be as ingrained as those, but I do believe it will become a long lasting product that people will love in their downtime at home at night and on weekend. Apps need to be tailored for those use cases, many of the video apps and games available already fall into that category.
Cool to see what people are already coming up with for tvOS. @timonus, I assume you built this using UIkit but do you think it could have been done using just TVML?
@ryanshook I haven't read up on how TVML works, and I'm an iOS developer so using UIKit was the path of least resistance. I'm not sure if it could've been made with TVML.