Indoor navigation using area learning

Tangar is re-inventing indoors. Find what you want using indoor navigation with an awesome AR experience.

Awesome video! I think a lot of people here would also love to see how it actually works and what's the real life experience. Indoor navigation is a huge problem, but I think the key for the right solution (besides the technical part) is some very innovative UX
@maxim_leonovich Hi Maxim, we share the same belief that the UX will be super important. We have the tech in place and are now working with the experience to be as smooth as in the video. We have an early tech demo here
from Aug 2017, giving you an idea of performance.
This is exactly an idea i had had many time wow it looks great! Please partner with google maps you guys would be unbeatable together youd have street view, 3d view, all terrain views and the an indoor view plus images and stuff it would be phenomenal
@theproteangirl Google will add Indoor Positioning in google maps for big public buildings like eg. Airports etc in the future. Tangar is a highly customisable product where we are able to create a tailor made solution for the business owner with deep connections to their business logic and meta data (something Google will not be interested in since their product need to work for bigger groups of people).