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Hey PH - excited to be on here! Tandem is a fitness platform centered around free live streams, and focused on helping broadcasters monetize their followings. Fitness content producers have huge audiences (e.g. Kayla Itsines on Instagram), but have built them on platforms that aren’t specific to fitness and don’t have their monetization top of mind. We’re focused on the latter from the beginning. Why live streaming? 1 minute of video = 1 minute of content, so it’s lower friction and far more real and intimate. We’ve already seen a ton of amazing content on Tandem, like: * These 5 insane push up variations (https://www.tandem.live/hybridfi...) * A delicious miso salmon recipe (https://www.tandem.live/somethin...) * A 7 day meditation challenge (https://www.tandem.live/thrivewi...) We hope Tandem inspires anyone starting or continuing their journey towards a healthier life, while also supporting the content producers who make it possible. Check out scheduled streams today from the community on the home page at www.tandem.live. And let us know - what content would you want to see on Tandem?
This is awesome. Looking forward to trying a few classes. Also, those pushups look insane!
Super cool to see that there's a lot of "wellness" content in addition to exercise/fitness. Seems like that might offer a lower barrier for new users to get started, too. One request: from someone who admittedly has binge-watched fitness videos "in preparation for the gym," I'd love to see past streams by that expert when I'm on a single stream's page. (https://www.tandem.live/staceyjo...) It seems probable that most new users will come to an expert's page when the expert is *not* live. Making it crazy easy to quickly get a sense of the expert's personality and content might reduce friction in the conversion to sign up for a live stream.
@eliseramsay great thought, Elise! We definitely plan to emphasize past streams when a broadcaster isn't currently live streaming. We're excited about the wellness content too--a healthy lifestyle requires being well rounded in all disciplines (cooking, etc), not just what to do in the gym.
This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it.
How do you go about selecting the various producers/fitness routines? And what do you personally use?
@lastridgely not sure what you mean by selecting producers...but each broadcaster has their own channel that hosts their current live stream plus any past streams. My personal favorite is Aaron at www.tandem.live/hybridfitnesstra... - that guy has crazy workouts that I've been starting to try!
@tmzier I was curious about the process for content producers/broadcasters to set up their own channels. Is there an application or can anyone join? If it's the latter, does Tandem have any filtering or selection criteria over recommended broadcasters to follow (i.e. how do you ensure I am following experts/fitness gurus and not some lawn care entrepreneur who pretends to do fitness on the side)? I'll have to check Aaron out. Thanks for the recommendation!
@lastridgely anyone can join right now. We'll build in filtering capabilities for social proof, e.g. followers/etc like Twitch does. Though that lawntrepreneur might have a great side business as a trainer! We want to help individuals like those get discovered.