Predict live events. Win cash.

Tally is a no-risk, all-reward predictions game for fans of every stripe. Make picks before your favorite live events, and win real cash prizes! It’s always free to play—no deposits or fees ever—and jackpots range from $5,000–$100,000. NFL, NCAA Football, The Bachelor, and top televised events are now live, with more categories coming soon.

Hi PH, Trevin here, VP of Product at Tally. We launched the original version of Tally back in November with NFL and NCAA Football. We have an exciting update—we’re now live with new categories and even bigger cash prizes, and wanted to invite you all to play for a chance to win. Tally is a new no-risk, all-reward predictions game that takes live events to the next level—for casual fans and stats-geeks alike. Our goal is to create experiences that amplify the fun for fans, without the need to get deep into stats or commit a ton of time to play. Best of all, we offer guaranteed cash prizes in every game! Here's how it works: Players select games to predict, and answer simple, multiple choice questions such as “Which team gets the ball and completes the first pass of the game?” or “How many times do we hear the word ‘dramatic’ during the season preview of The Bachelor?” Results are Tally’d live as each game unfolds, and fans track their standings on the leaderboard. Winners of each bank real cash prizes. What you need to know: 🆓 Always play FREE — no credit cards or deposits, even when you win 💰 Category Jackpot Prizes for those who predict a perfect game (examples below) 💵 Guaranteed cash prizes for top scorers in every game 😎 No commitment (play as many or as few games as you want) ✅ New games every week Here’s a look at games now live on Tally: - NFL - The Bachelor ... and we've just added the Golden Globes and the NCAA Football Championship with up to $100,000 jackpots 💰👀! As a bonus for Product Hunt members, enter code “ProductHunt” during sign up and you’ll get 10k points during your first game to give you an edge on the competition.