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On Tally we wanted to create community driven content. You can browse and follow thousands of group feeds on #anything. Anyone can share a photo, link or GIF to a specific feed and the community votes it up or down. We did away with followers and social network conventions and focused on the content. There's no following and no liking. It's content first. We wanted to provide a platform where if you have something amazing to share, it's not about how many followers you have and if it's awesome the community will discover it and vote it up.
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@tfadp thought your presentation at Tech 808 was awesome! I sent you an email w/ some specific feedback but this app has a ton of potential. "Content first" is huge, just gotta make sure it's awesome content to start ; )
@tfadp, nice idea! I like the design too! This looks great as an alternative to searching and adding to buffer.
@e7mac thanks. we obsess on the design front. We can always improve but trying to make something that feels nice and a little different
Kind of like a mobile-first reddit, very cool.
@osmanify I consider that a high compliment. Thanks
I've always loved feeds of #anything :)
To me, the most intriguing part of this app is the functionality to add custom signatures instead of usernames. Pretty innovative! Kind of reminds me of Designer News' drawn avatars.