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Love this on-boarding. No signup. Simple creation flow (reminiscent of Typeform). I created this poll in 20 seconds.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! And I would go for the hedgehog. There is something nerdy but nevertheless cool in those little fellows. :)
@bswen Tally's tiny server is definitely on heat. I'm trying to keep it afloat.
The hedgehog is clearly winning:
@rrhoover #TD4Hedgehog! Based on yesterday's two goat products, I thought goat would have made the tally too.
Love this - near perfect. Only tweak: do not reveal previous vote tallys until AFTER vote is cast. Otherwise you really get skewed results fed from previous votes cast.
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Howdy fellow product hunters! I built Tally because I couldn't find a poll tool which was both super simple and clean. Let me quote James Murphy: “The best way to complain is to make things.” Plus I wanted to figure out what are the biggest challenges fellow startup founders are struggling with, therefore: http://tally.tl/GQDy3 If you would have any questions, please do shoot.
@filipminev awesome product! Nice process flow.
It seems to be buggy. Love the simplicity. I got stuck attempting to complete the form. Nothing happened. Update: I get it now. It's done on the fly. Just grab the URL. However, this is a problem in-of-itself. It has become really simple based on the mental model of a developer. I'd recommend some extra language or interaction design to push "everyone else" in the right direction.
how does this differ from /compare to wedgies? cc @gabeshep
@eriktorenberg Wedgies looks neat! I believe Wedgies offers a lot more than Tally. Tally is dead simple. No registrations, no lengthy setups, just votes. :)
@eriktorenberg Hey Erik, I will let @jimmyjacobson answer....But I miss your face yo!
Thanks for mentioning Wedgies @eriktorenberg! First off, I want to say that Tally is super awesome and clean. Nice work @filipminev. I would love to chat with you more about what you learned building this and as people use it. And offer any advice/learnings we can if it's something you want to keep working on. The points of differentiating I can see are probably that 1) Wedgies results update in real time for both the voter and the owner 2) Ability to handle scale. This might be secret sauce, but I'm glad to share. Any poll posted to a social network (and any content) is going to get the brunt of it's traffic/votes up front in the first minutes and then experience long tail voting over the lifetime of the poll. Dealing with that initial traffic kick and making sure the results of the poll is correct is really important. It's kind of a chicken and an egg problem. You don't want to build a robust, real time counting system until you need to, but you won't get users with bigger audiences using you until you do.
@filipminev Thanks, cool product you've built. Love the design.
@jimmyjacobson Thank you Jimmy! I'll keep you posted. :)