Express yourself by what you count on Apple Watch + iOS



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Brandon ElwoodMaker@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
Hey everyone! Tallio was built with the wrist in mind, and also offers a stand-alone iPhone experience. Strip away the social stuff, and it's a nice, simple tally-counter. The social element makes it a lot more fun and interesting. You are what you count :) Most tally counters are orphan apps, so they’ll count stuff on your local watch or iPhone. With Tallio, it’s all connected socially, you can see what everyone else is counting. We hope people will count a wide range of things ranging from ridiculous to useful.
Brandon ElwoodMaker@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
@brandonelwood so a few people have brought to my attention that there's a bug during sign up (when it prompts for email). To avoid this, just tap "skip" up at the top left. We'll get that fixed in an update shortly.
Brandon ElwoodMaker@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
Willie Morris@morewillie · Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
People must be a lot more serious about counting than I ever assumed. Regardless, app looks nice.
Brandon ElwoodMaker@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
@morewillie thanks Willie! Au contraire, we're hoping people don't take it seriously and just have fun with it. Although it would be useful for someone who's very serious about counting things :)
Nick Walter@nickchuckwalter · Plumber at Butt Crack Inc.
What's your favorite thing to count Brandon? haha
Brandon ElwoodMaker@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
@nickchuckwalter gotta love the "happy thoughts" count. It's trending now :)
Terry Xu@coolnalu · SmackHighTeam, ex. Twitter, TripAdvisor
Looks like a game? I don't get it, so it must be innovative! Interested in seeing how people use it.
Brandon ElwoodMaker@brandonelwood · Owner, AppJester
@coolnalu it's a platform for expression. It could be used like a game. We think the info is social and fun - a mix of entertainment and utility - so it could be labeled a game in some sense. It's whatever people want it to be. We'll see how people decide to use it and then adapt it based on what we see.